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Grindabuck.com Review, Get Paid Bitcoin To Complete Tasks And Surveys

Grindabuck sets itself apart due to its proven track record, its helpful community often found hanging out in the chat room and its fast withdrawals. 

Grindabuck is a GPT site.

Grindabuck logo

This site allows you to do tasks and in return you get points. Those points can be withdrawn for cryptocurrency such as BTC, LTC and ETH.
It also includes PayPal and prepaid Visa gift cards. Withdrawals start as low as $5 and methods such as crypto/ PayPal process in less than an hour in most cases. 

First time users need to reach a $10 balance at the first time to withdraw. The more you withdraw the lower the minimum withdrawal.

grindabuck withdrawal screen

There are many options to make money on this GPT site including:

- Watching videos
- Testing new apps
- Surveys
- Listening to music
- Referring other users

grindabuck surveys

There are a few extra ways to earn money on Grindabuck.
Extras include:
Trivia Tuesday, Random Giveaway Thursdays, Monthly check in rewards, VIP leveling system and Rewards, referral and affiliate bonuses and monthly bonus.

Click below to sign up for Grindabuck.

Need more Bitcoin? Check out these chat bots that pay you to chat!

Tell us your experiences with this website.
Is Grindabuck a scam or legit in your opinion?


Pokerhost.co, faucet poker site with cryptocurrency!

Pokerhost.co is a free faucet with poker on the site.

You can join for free, and join the freeroll every hour to get a chance at 1000 satoshi.
If you are good at poker, this is an excellent opportunity to get some free BTC.
There is no minimum withdrawal. If you win, you can withdraw immediately from the site.
This makes it the only site with a crypto poker free roll.

Simply go here, make an account and you are ready to join.

The site is pretty new, so there is a chance there are no players available.
You need three players to start the freeroll.
If you are smart, you get two friends and play with them. By playing with your friends you can make sure one of you three will win and you can split the earnings or continue playing with each other.

To join click the button below.

Make sure to also read our article about earning bitcoin by forum posting.

The Best Sites To Earn Money With Forum Posting

This is a big list with sites that pay you to post on forums.

Forums are a big part of the online money making community but a lot of people do it for free right now.
There are forums that made the choice to share the ad revenue with their users, making it possible to actually earn money from making comments on a forum.

A couple things to keep in mind before you start:

1. Never spam on forums.
2. Keep self promotion to a minimum. Don't paste your ref link on every thread you find.
3. Don't try to game their systems, most sites use manual verification.
4. Be informative and write detailed information.
5. When a site has the option to use signature links make sure to use it. Promoting in your signature can help you get referrals on the sites you prefer.

With the above pointers you are ready to start earning.

Most of the forums only pay in Paypal. The trick to get cryptocurrency instead is look for a place on the forum that allows you to trade with other users, and trade your coins on the site for any cryptocurrency you prefer. I personally choose to always use BTC or Doge since those are the most widely available cryptos.

These are the forums that will pay you in paypal or btc for posting:


One of the biggest forums out there that pays you in cryptocurrency for your posts.
They have pretty strict rules about posting, so make sure to read the rules before hand.
Again, try to write informative posts.
They allow signature links so make use of that.

Withdrawal minimum is only $1
You earn 5 cents for each thread and 2 cents for each post.


Uses the same format as beermoneyforum but has a much smaller community.
Has the same rules as beermoneyforum such as the fact you need to write original content.

Withdrawal minimum is only $1
You earn 1.5 cents for each thread.
The comments work a bit different. You get paid the longer your comment is.
You earn 0.1 cents for every character over 100 characters. Which means that if your comment contains 101 letters, you get 0.1 cents. Is your comment 200 letters you get 10 cents.


This site works a bit different since you get paid in cryptocurrency from the start.
Bitcoinunicorn works with BCTUI tokens.

You get 10 BCTUI for every thread.
They have no rewards for commenting.
An interesting feature is the bank. By keeping your BCTUI tokens on the site you receive 2% interest on your balance every month.

You can exchange the tokens directly on their site for BTC with their internal exchange.


Another forum you can earn points.
Exchange them for crypto in their marketplace. You can also earn from having referrals join the site and making a few posts.
This one is lower on the list since they don't have that much information available on the site.


They dont allow you to earn directly, but its a very busy forum with a lot of members eager to earn.
If you have a good site to promote you can use this site to promote it. Use your signature link and make informative posts.
Another choice is to join a signature campaign. Someone else on the forum will pay you to have their link in your signature. This can be very profitable if you post a lot.
Joining a signature campaign is also available on bitcointalk.org.


The Best PHP Bitcoin Scripts For A Profitable Business.

This is a list with the best cryptocurrency PHP scripts.
All scripts come with a free preview so you can test the script.

All these scripts require you to get webhosting.
We at Tokenclaimer recommend 000webhost.

000webhost allows you to host your script for free and you can upgrade at any time for a small fee to premium hosting that gives you more features.
When you have your webhosting you can get a script, host it and earn money from it.

1. Coingames - $69

This script allows you to run a crypto dice site, coupled with a faucet. They also have a roulette and offerwalls implemented.
You can easily install the script since its based on PHP and you have access to support in case you get stuck. 

Free Preview script

2. Bitcoin Maker - $49

Most people these days browse the internet from their mobile. Placing advertising in a mobile app can be very profitable. With Bitcoin Maker you can build your own app very easily and integrate many ad networks and pay your users to do the tasks on the site.
You get income from ad networks and offerwalls and with that income you can pay your users.

Free Preview script

3. ICO script - $399

Make a beautiful working ICO site in minutes that you can use to promote your coin to initial investors. With a high price tag but certainly worth it if you need a custom site with support for installation on your webhosting. This script supports login, sale bonuses, presale bonuses and more.

Free Preview script

4. Bond Coin script - $99

Another PHP Ico site prebuild for a fast coin offering with responsive design.
Great choice if you are in need for a cheap way to build an ICO site that allows you to manage investors easily.

Free Preview script

5. Advertop Script - $199

Another app builder that has many integrated adnetworks so your users can earn plenty of money and you get plenty of ad income. 

Free Preview script


freefaucet.io review, Scam or Legit?

Freefaucet.io is a faucet that promotes new cryptocurrency.

Owners that want to promote their cryptocurrency can open a faucet on freefaucet.io to get exposure to their coin.
The faucet promotes multiple coins, and you get a couple of free claims each day to claim the cryptocurrency. The claims run on a timer. When  you run out of claims the timer resets to 24 hours and you need to wait till the timer runs out to claim again.

You can withdraw each coin instantly. Which you can do to withdraw to your personal wallet or exchange to sell the coins for your preferred coin.
If you claim the most popular faucets (PLUS1 or Braz) you can use Southxchange for both to exchange your free cryptocurrency to BTC. It is not unusual to get more than 1000 satoshi every claim.

This faucet is legit, I used it to claim a couple times and withdrew to Southxchange to exchange to dogecoin and they send the coins instantly.

Click below to sign up with freefaucet.io


How To Make Your Own Faucet For Free? (With Faucethub Support)

make your own cryptocurrency faucet for free

If you searched for getting free cryptocurrency online you probably have seen some faucets.
These faucets pay you cryptocurrency in trade for showing advertising.
With this guide I will show you how to make make your own faucet completely free and how to make money with them.

First, you need an account on this site.

After signing up head to "your sites" and click on Create New Faucet.

An info screen will pop up.
Click on settings and enter the information.

Name: Just use a name you want for the domain name. EG: Dogefaucet
Timer: How long it takes before an user can claim the faucet again. In minutes.
Payment by: The payment provider. You need to deposit to the site, or the payment processor you choose so users can collect rewards.
Currency: Choose the currency which users can earn.
Site url: Pick a nice name for the domain. I recommend using the same as the name you used at the beginning.
Description: Add a description which shows in your website.
Rewards: The amount people get, in Satoshi.
Referral: If you put this at 10%, any user that is referred by another user gets 10% on top of their earnings.
Captcha: Sign up with a captcha service and enter the API here.
Theme: Choose a theme for the website. Changes the look.
All boxes: Here you enter the adcode.
If you need advertising providers take a look at A-Ads and Popads. Get the HTML code for generating an ad and put it in each box.

configuring faucetfly tutorial
Example set up

Pages tab is used for making more pages, which you can use as landing page so people can be shown another advertisement.

Good luck building your first faucet!

If you have questions or suggestions post them in the comments.

Want to make your own Autofaucet? Click here


Earn Bitcoin By Forum Posting!

If you are a forum poster, or find it something fun to do, it is an excellent way to get paid.
Did you know you could get paid in Bitcoin for posting on a forum?

After some research I found a few good ways to earn Bitcoin on a forum.

1. Beermoneyforum.com

One of the more popular choices to earn Bitcoin is by using this forum.
Whenever you make a post, or comment on a thread, you get paid. They use BMF tokens on this site.
1000 Tokens is $1.

You get 1000 Tokens for every referral.
You earn 50 Tokens for posting a thread.
You earn 20 Tokens for making a comment.
You earn 10 Tokens when someone likes your posts.

beermoneyforum.com rewards

You also have various other ways to earn.
They have a marketplace, that allows you to sign up to other offers, and get paid by other users for doing tasks. Those can vary from commenting, to signing up on sites, to watching a video.
beermoneforum.com marketplace

Another way to get BMF is by doing surveys on their partnersite.

How can you redeem BMF?

If you want to get it in paypal, you can redeem after getting 1000 Tokens.
But we on Tokenclaimer like Bitcoin. I recommend you go to the marketplace, and make a post that you want to sell your BMF for Bitcoin. Other users will be interested and gladly take your BMF.
Let the other user send the BMF first, since that can be reverted when the trade goes wrong. Bitcoin cant be reverted and a scammer can get away with the crime that way.

2. Signature campaigns on Bitcointalk.org

Another great way to earn some extra Bitcoin is by doing signature campaigns on Bitcointalk.
You need to level your membership before you can do any signature campaigns.
Leveling the account is pretty easy, you can make a few posts a day to increase your activity level, and when it reaches a certain amount you level up. This can be done within 20 days. Pretty long, but you can use that time to promote your own referral links on their website in the Microearning tab.

Do you have any good ways to earn free Bitcoin on forums?
Share in the comments!



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