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Cryptocurrency games

Many of us like games, and we also like cryptocurrency. 
Best would be a game that pays you in cryptocurrency to play right?

That is actually possible. I gathered a good list with games that pay you BTC, Dogecoin or litecoin to play MMOs on your pc or play on your phone.

All these games pay or to or to your own wallet depending on the site.
When games pay with I will notify you so you know you need a wallet on there.
You can make an account for faucethub by clicking on the image below.

(need faucethub account)
A space mmo that pays you to play. review pays you to play the space ship mmo and fight other players.

First off you need a battle ship, you can buy it with deterium.
After buying a ship you can do jobs, for free deterium. With the resources you can build certain buildings, that earn you cryptocurrency even when not logged in. By pvp you can earn even more.

Sign up with the image below:

Dragon knights of Valeria 2 (DKV2)

dragon knights of valeria 2 screenshot

Another space mmo. This one is very complex, and has a seperate wiki so you can look up guides on the game for efficient earnings.
Contains multiple faucets to boost ingame earnings!
Credits are the most useful resources in this crypto game.

Click the image below to sign up.


Fight other players to the death, for free BTC! review

Fight with npcs or real players in the arena, and get free btc. 
Use that to upgrade your weapons and armor for more btc, or withdraw it.

Click on the image below to sign up

Potioncoin - Site is down as of 2/6/19

Are you the wizard the crypto space needs?

Honestly not really such a good game, but it is a good earner, that is why I included this one.
The graphics are not great in comparision to a real game, but clicking here gives a lot of satoshi, and they spice it up with the potion element to the faucet. Perfect game to play if you dont want to pay attention the whole time and make some satoshi.
You can also fight in dungeons, which is pretty cool.

If you have more online games that pay in cryptocurrency post below!


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