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What is Banano Coin? Scam or legit.

Banano coin is a new coin that launched in April 2018

The official site is located at

Banano coin is a meme coin that is distributed thro a faucet game and airdrop.

bananocoin logo

If you hold Nano you can claim free Banano coin here.
Just enter your Nano public wallet address (starts with XRB) and your address will also receive Banano.
With your Nano seed you can then claim Banano from the Banano wallet.
Move your Nano to another wallet to make sure your Nano are safe from potential leaks.
They have a webwallet, Windows wallet, Linux wallet and Mac wallet available.
An unique way to earn Banano coin is by playing their game, Banano runner.
Banano runner is avaible for Android, Windows and Mac right now.
Play the game and get free Banano coin by playing!
This event is hosted every weekend, but might be updated in the future.
Start the game, insert your wallet address, and you can start earning free banano.

banano coin game faucet

Keep an eye on the discord (click here) for more information about Banano coin.
It is also a great way to receive tips, and rain. (Rain is when a person donates to everyone talking in chat).

Some interesting facts about Banano coin:

3.4 Billion coins in circulation
You can only get Banano by mining it, getting it from the faucet, or from the Nano airdrop.
Bananocoin is forked from Nano.

Official site of Banano coin can be found here:

Interested in more free coins?
Click on the image for some great faucets:


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