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Best online casino of 2020!

Earn passive cryptocurrency on Android.

Currently, around 2 Billion phones are circulating with Android as usersystem.
Pretty good chances are that you are browsing this from your phone too.
Since phones are the only way to connect to internet for a lot of people, it becomes interesting to start looking into ways to earn with your phone. This guide helps you set up your phone so you can earn, with a couple passive earners, and a couple earners that you need to actively use.
Most of the sites used in this guide can be used with a web browser, and I tried to pick apps and sites that use almost no internet for people on data plans.

1. Storm play
Play store link

Storm link pays you to submit surveys, play games and watch ads for new mobile games, or trailers for movies and such. You can earn storm tokens (bolt) which you can exchange for BTC or other coins.

2. Faucethub

One of the best earners, since it is a collection of hundreds of sites on which you can earn cryptocurrency. They boost a big list of faucets that are integrated with the site, so you can claim various coins that are pretty unknown. With the build in exchange you can easily exchange your unwanted coins for other coins that are more interesting. For example, if a black coin faucet pays blackcoin, and when you exchange it to BTC you would get 100 satoshi. But if you claim the LTC faucet and exchange the earned LTC into BTC, you only get 50 satoshi. It becomes more worthwhile to claim the black coin faucet, even if you want LTC, because you can exchange it quickly on the site with no hassle.

3. Coinpot

Almost the same as Faucethub, you sign up with an account, and can use their free premium faucets to hoard cryptocurrency through clicking. Also boosts an internal exchange.

4. FreeBitcoin

One of the most popular faucets out there. Been running for years and most people use it because this faucet has no advertisements at all, making it very easy to claim on mobile. They also have a low/high multiplier game, but I recommend you stay away from it unless you like the thrill of gambling and potentially losing your earnings.

5. Mining

There are various ways to mine on mobile. The trick is to mine a coin that has a low difficulty, or doesn't mine but uses your mobile to distribute free coins. There are various miners you can use, but most of them got pulled from the appstore. 
The next best thing is a browser miner. My personal favorite is the one from Faucethub because it works with one click and pays you in BTC for your mining work.
You can also try mining cryptonote coins because of the low difficulty. Make sure to do research before hand on the coin, so you dont end up with bags of a coin that is not sell able.

6. Passive earning.

There are various ways to earn passively. The most popular ones are Mannabase and Swiftdemand, that pay you just to log in, or in the case of manna, you can just wait and check your account once in a while to see how your earnings are stacking up. Mannabase is sell able on Southxchange, which means you can transfer into your favorite coin from there. Exchange it into Manna>BTC>Your coin.

If you need a truly passive way to earn BTC that does not strain your phone battery or cpu click here 

The Best Bitcoin Lending Services (passive BTC)

When you are looking for lending services for bitcoin you will find hundreds of sites offering exactly that. But 99% of the bitcoin lending sites are a scam. I took the time to filter the scams out and made sure to find a couple sites that minimize the risk of lending.

This list contains NO ponzi schemes since they are ILLEGAL. We do NOT offer advice on Ponzi schemes. 

The goal of this list is to find the perfect lending platform with the least risk for the most amount of BTC or altcoins.
As it lending is usual, there is a certain amount of risk of the loaner defaulting.
Make sure to do research and check if all information of the loaner is correct before you start lending.

But without further due lets continue onto the list.

1. Bitbond

One of the easiest peer to peer lending platforms out there.
Bitbond is around for a while, and continues to try its best to make sure loans are not defaulted.
This site has an excellent verification process with a video chat to confirm every detail of identification  before even allowing the loaner to ask for a loan.
After the verification process you can loan or lend BTC to others, and pick your partners.
They have a stylish menu with easy access to information that you definitely need before signing up with them.
You never need to fully fund the loan, you can also let others carry a part of the risk, so you can max out the loans that are paid out instead of defaulted. 
Auto invest is available on the site, which allows you to invest in secure loans over a longer period of time, and spread out your money over many loans, making you own a bit of every loan and minimizing risk on the BTC.

Click here to sign up with Bitbond

2. FreeBitcoin

Not technically a Loan platform, but steadily paying for the past four/five years is Freebitcoin.
They pay compound interest every day. Annually you get around 4% a year.
There are three ways they use your investment. 1 part is for user withdrawals from the faucet on the site, another part is for the bankroll on the multiply game, and another part is for expanding their bitcoin mining operation.
Quick math:  
If you invest 1BTC, you would earn 0.0001 BTC a day, 0.00329 BTC a month, 
And you would get 0.04 BTC a year!
That is a lot of btc. Check the calculator below.

Interest is credited daily to your account, and you are free to withdraw whenever you want.

Click here to sign up.

3. BTCpop

One of the more unknown ones, but has many raving reviews.
They have peer to peer lendings in bitcoin. They also boost an exchange on which you can easily transfer coins to other coins, and you can start your own IPO to build your business idea from the grounds up with lenders.
People can default pretty easy since the site is build around having a reputation. 
If an user decides to default there is nothing to stop them from doing exactly that.
There is also a lot going on in each page, making it hard to see what you exactly need to do.

Click here to sign up

If you are new to lending I would stick to bitbond and freebitco.in because of the simplicity. 
The first one also offers security in the form of rigorous checks on the details, and the second one has a very long track record of paying and instant withdrawals.


The Best Sites To Find Airdrops.

It can be hard to find new sites for airdrops.
A lot of them list a few airdrops, but not all of them so you can maximize earnings.

This complete list of the best airdrop sites will help you find sites with a lot of airdrops, so you can sign up quickly to each one.

Before you start collecting from airdrops, I recommend making a separate email and use a password manager like Keepass or Lastpass.

Generate a new password for each site so when your data gets leaked your other login information is safe and you don't need to reset passwords everywhere.

When you finished continue on to the list!

1. Airdropster

One of the bigger airdrop sites out there. Easy overview of all the ICOs that are going on.
It shows the estimated value of the airdrop and how to get it.

2. AirdropAlert

A big airdrop site that lists a few exclusive ICOS that only work together with Airdropalert.
This is a legit site with a lot of good ICOS.

3. Parachute

This nifty token pays you to join airdrops. Even when the airdrop fails you will get paid in parachute token. This will make sure you always earn something, even when the airdrop fails.
Parachute token vets the ICOS very carefully. It is worth it to sign up for their airdrops.

Honorable note

Tokendrops also pays users, but I did not try that one personally yet.

4. Bitcointalk

Make an account or search on google for "bitcointalk + airdrop" and sort by latest to find the newest airdrops. These are not vetted, and at your own risk so make sure not to enter any private information.
When it feels too sketchy, dont join them.

5. Cryptogreed

This one has a load of airdrops with the listing on how much you get.
You need to do your own calculations on each one if it is worth joining.

6. ERC20 Airdrops 

This Telegram channel (you need to make an account) lists new airdrops so you can easily sign up for them. You can also turn on notifications to be early when an airdrop is popular and can be full if you are too late.

7. AlertAirdrop

Another huge list of airdrops.

8. Twitter Airdrop

This user posts about new airdrops on twitter you might want to join.
You can also search on twitter for the hashtag #airdrop to find some new ones.

9. Coinairdrop

This airdrop site exclusively lists coins that are available for an airdrop. Not a single one vetted, so make sure you dont enter private information on the site.

10. Cryptoguide - site is dead as of 2/6/19

This site informs new users about airdrops and what the coins do in the future.
Very nice if you need quick information about the drop before you sign up to them.

11. AirdropAddict - Site is dead as of 2/6/2019

Another massive list with airdrops, that get updated regularly.

12. BitcoinGarden

This thread on Bitcoingarden is updated with the latest airdrops.

13. Beermoneyforum

Already worth it to make an account just for the guides and reviews posted on there. And to get information on what ICOS you should try.

14. AirdropBob

This user uploads a lot of niche airdrops not everyone knows about.

We try to make this list as best as possible, and will update it a lot in the future when links might break.
Make sure to come back to find even more airdrop lists.



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