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Best online casino of 2020!

How to make your own Bitcoin Tumbler for free?

Bitcoin tumblers are sites on which you can deposit your coins, and they get shuffled with coins from other users so you both have mixed coins, making your coins more anonymous.

Making your own Bitcoin Tumbler can be difficult, and for a long time you had to know how to write code to make one.
Jambler.io is a new site that allows you to make your own Bitcoin Tumbler with their free software.
Simply upload the files, change the API keys and you are done.

First you need hosting.
I recommend using 000webhost since it is free for starters. Click below to sign up for free.
After signing up verify your email and you can host your free site.
Head back to jambler.io and grab the files, upload them on 000webhost and you can now start earning money.

Other options to earn are also available.
A very popular option is becoming a seller of Jambler.
Investing your bitcoin can have a big return rate since Bitcoin tumblers are very profitable.
By investing your bitcoin your coins will be used for tumbling, and from every fee on the site you receive a small part! They have an interest calculator on the site.
This makes Jambler.io a legit service to invest your Bitcoin in.

Click  below to go to the site

For more information on passive sites to earn BTC click here


We Heart Bitcoin review, Scam or Legit?

We Heart Bitcoin is an advertising network that pays you to browse advertisements.

Simply sign up, and you can start earning. Click on surf ads in your dashboard to start earning.
When you click an ad, you need to let it load and wait for the timer to be done.
After the timer is up, the satoshi are automatically credited to your account!

Other ways to earn are a Faucet, that pays you for claiming it, but it serves pop ads so that might be annoying for mobile users.
There is a referral program available, and you get a bonus for every person that signs  up through your link.
Minimum withdrawal is 0.0005 BTC, which is high but doable if you click every day.
There are over 20 ads available each day that you can click in one go.

Click below to sign up with we heart bitcoin.
Need more crypto? Check this site for free crypto currency welfare


How to make free BTC doing nothing?

Passive earnings are very popular lately, with masternodes and staking becoming more popular.
Many people try various things such as lending programs, investment schemes and more but those turn out to not be legit. Various sites such as Bitcoin cloud miner sites offer high returns (think Bitconnect) and try to run off with your well earned money you invested in cryptocurrency or got for free with the various faucets on the internet. Or maybe luck from mining a successful cryptocoin on early.

With this small guide you can earn cryptocurrency with no work at all!

1. BitvideoClub

Sign up and confirm your email. Go to your dashboard on the site and click on videos as shown in the image below:
After clicking on the green button you are led to a different page, stay on that page and let the videos run. Once in a while an advertisement will come by, and you will earn free points. This depends on what country you are from. It is a better earner when you are from the US.
Other options on the site to earn are faucets and offers, altho not passive they can be very good earners since they usually pay more than passive money.

2. Freebitco.in

One of the biggest and oldest faucets that is out there.
You can earn interest every day by clicking their faucet, and claiming the reward.
When you earn 0.0004 BTC on the site, you are eligible for free compound interest on your account.
The funds from the interest are generated thro funding the bank roll for the dice game, and their mining operation. (Currently their pool is mining 0.01% of the total network) Making this a legit way to get some interest on your BTC without any risk at all. Added bonus is that their faucet has no advertisements for claiming!

3. Make a Blog

This one requires effort, but can earn you a lot of passive BTC!
Simply sign up to blogger.com and make a blog.
Think up a creative name, and a subject. Most people choose a topic they have knowledge on so they can write as much as they like and stay interested in the project of building a site.
After making your site go here and download a theme. These are 100% safe themes.
After downloading unzip the files and look for the XML file.
Go to your Blogger acccount and go to Theme->Recover
Upload the theme there. Go back to theme and click on Edit theme.
Here you can easily change various things to customize your blog.
It looks very overwhelming, but you can press CTRL+F to find a word, and change it from there.
Press on save when you are happy with your changes on your new BTC making blog.
To get BTC, you need articles first. Without content there is nothing to visit, so no visitors.
And you need visitors to earn income with advertisements.
Write a couple articles. If you have difficulty deciding read this small guide on how to SEO.
It will help you understand how to pick new articles, how to write them and how to make sure to show up in the Google results.
After you uploaded your content go here. This is a list with a bunch of adnetworks that pay you in Bitcoin for showing their advertisments on your site. After signing up with an adnetwork you get the code to add to your site.
Go to your Blogger dashboard and click on design>add new gadget>add HTML and add the code there and save the theme.
After saving you can check the blog and you will see the advertising placed.
From that point on you will earn money for visitors. When you write a couple of good articles and get your first results you earn passive incomes from that site.

If you need more passive ways to earn Bitcoin click here


Yannik.biz review, Scam or legit?

Yannik.biz is a Bitcoin faucet site.

It started in 2014, and is still going strongly in 2018, which makes it a trustworthy faucet.
Yannik.biz holds a high record of paying at least 14 BTC (!) to its members in total, and the owner is still very invested in his faucet. Before I made this review, I requested a solution to the site load times, and the owner took the time to fix the whole database to decrease the loading times, which was very nice and shows the dedication he/she has for the faucet.

Yannik.biz is a typical faucet in the sense that you go to the site, sign up with an email, and you can start claiming right away. Claim rates are pretty high, as shown in the image below:

Withdrawal starts at 15.000 satoshi when you withdraw to Faucethub, and 35.000 satoshi when you withdraw to your personal wallet. These withdrawal limits are pretty high, but it is done to minimize bots and frauds, so you as legit claimer can earn more satoshi.

The bank

A very interesting feature in my opinion is the bank.
The bank is a wallet on the site, in which you can save the satoshi you earned earlier in the faucet.
When you deposit your earnings into the bank, you can earn compound interest.
Simply click on the "bank" tab, ,and click on "transfer to bank" to transfer your earnings.

Depending on many factors as advertisers, games and various other factors the interest rate fluctuates, but it can be very profitable. At the moment the interest rate is 0.1%, making this a very good way to make some extra satoshi. 
Quick overview: if you would deposit 10000 satoshi in the bank, you would get 10 satoshi every day passive without any clicking.
For comparison, freebitco.in only gives 0.001%, which is 10x less!
Keep in mind that when you deposit your faucet earnings in the bank, you can not withdraw them again. Depositing mainly supports the faucet, but gives you satoshi in return as thanks.

To sign up for Yannik.biz Bitcoin faucet, click the image below
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Kemafaucets review, Scam or legit?

The Kemafaucet.com faucets are a group of high paying faucets that pay you cryptocurrency for clicking an url shortener. 

EDIT: Site has been down as of 2/6/19
If you are the owner of this faucet please contact support.

This faucet has generous payments, no pop ups and no captchas on the site for easy claiming.
The site itself only has a couple advertisements, but not too many making it a fast loading site, perfect for the veteran faucet claimers! Another great point is that you can claim from mobile, since the site is optimized for mobile claiming on the faucets.
Simply go to the site, and input your wallet address that you also use on Faucethub

The earnings are quite generous, ranging from 15 satoshi in BTC to hundreds of thousands Dogetoshi. See the screenshots below for a recent pay out:

- Use Google chrome, Edge and Internet Explorer dont work very well with this site.
- The longer you wait, the more satoshi will be waiting on you on next pay out.
- There is a small white and blue box (toolbox) on the right with info. Click on the question mark.

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CrazyFaucets review, Scam or Legit?

These new faucets are part of a new network that pays you dogecoin, or litecoin for visiting the faucet.

The CrazyFaucets turned SCAM.
Do not sign up for any of them!
Withdrawals will NOT go through!

1. Crazydoge.net

Crazydoge is a new Dogecoin faucet that pays out daily to Faucethub.
This faucet has no pop ups.
I got paid automatically, and the payments were around 0.1 Doge per claim. I could claim every 15 minutes. Worth a try since the fact is uses solvemedia makes it a fast earner.

2. Crazylite.net

Same site as Crazydoge.net, but its for Litecoin instead. Very good rewards.


Dogecoin Faucets On Mobile

There are a lot of Dogecoin faucets, with some of them exclusively for mobile.

We earlier discussed passive earning apps on Android for cryptocurrency, you can check that here.

If you are looking for more active ways to earn the following list might be of help to you for legit faucets in the Google Play store or for legit Telegram bots that pay Dogecoin or another cryptoccurrency where Dogecoin is not accepted.

1. Dogefaucet

You can claim every 4 minutes. And get 0.04 Dogecoin for each claim.
Not a lot, but you can do this while you are busy with other things, making this an easy earner.
Withdrawal on the Dogecoin faucet starts at 5 Dogecoin, with a withdrawal fee of around 1.5 Dogecoin, depending on how fast you want your Dogecoin deposited.

When the faucet is not enough in earnings, you can also watch videos and earn Dogecoin with that.
Dont forget to use code 296781 for a bonus when registering.

2. Dogeclickbot

Click here to sign up

Dogeclickbot is a bot on telegram that pays you to sign up with websites.
Simply go to the Telegram app on Google play, download Telegram and click on the sign up link.
After signing up with the bot you press /start.
When you do that you get the following options:
Websites, Message bots, Join chats, Balance, Referrals and the help button.
When clicking on the website button you get shown a link that you have to click as shown in the image.
When you click that button you get taken to a site. On that site you have to stay for 20 seconds, and after that you can go back to dogeclickbot and the bot will automatically add the reward to your account. When you click on message bots you get shown a telegram link. Simply press on the link and it takes you to another bot. After doing /start or clicking the menu button on the bot you got linked too the bot will respond with a message. Long press this message and press on forward this message. This button is on the upper right corner of your chat window.
Forward it to the dogeclickbot. After you have done that you get your reward. This is much more profitable than watching websites but it can be annoying since the tasks for messaging bots can run out. For the join chat button all you have to do is click the link, press on join, and go back to the bot to validate the task.
Balance simply shows your balance, and allows you to withdraw your balance.
You can withdraw after you reach 3 Dogecoin, and there is a 1 Dogecoin fee. It is smarter to save up a bunch of Dogecoin so you dont pay a lot of fees.
Referrals gives you a referral link, you get a percentage of the earnings of whoever you signed up.
If the person clicks on your link, signs up and earns 10 Dogecoin, you get 2.5 Dogecoin on top of that. Win-win situation!
Help is for the commands you can give the bot, and to ask for information about how to put your own advertisements in the bot tasks.
Click below to sign  up.

3.Litecoin faucet Telegram

Click here to sign up

Basically the same as Dogeclickbot, but it uses Litecoin instead of Dogecoin.
This bot is lesser known so the earnings are not quite as good.
Click below to sign up

4. Bitcoincash telegram bot

Click here to sign up

Another Telegram bot, but this one pays in Bitcoin cash.
You can claim the exact way as the litecoinbot and the dogeclickbot.
Minimum withdrawal is 0.0001 as of now.

5. ZEC Telegram bot

Click here to sign up

This Telegram bot lets you earn ZEC.
The coin is pretty unknown but you can trade it for other crypto on various exchanges such as Crex24.
Minimum withdrawal is 0.0005 ZEC

5. Coinpot faucets

One of the best faucets on mobile. 
Only one pop up advertisement once in a while, and you can claim a lot of coins easily.
Simply sign up with coinpot.co and go to the faucets.
You can collect from different faucets and get different coins, but you can easily exchange them on the coinpot site to Dogecoin.
Click below to sign up
Need more income on mobile?
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How To Make Profit With A Staking Pool or Cheap Masternodes

Staking or POS (Proof Of Stake) is a fairly new technology in  the cryptocurrency space.

Most people wonder how they can profit with it.

steaking pool

Normally, cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is mined by high end computers that get a percentage of each fee from a transaction by calculating. With POS (or staking) this verifying of the transaction, or discovering new blocks is done by a wallet, usually provided by the developers of the coin.
Where mining requires a high end computer for profit, the only requirement for staking is that you have a computer that can run the wallet software, and that is connected to the internet 24/7.
It is much more eco friendly than POW (Proof Of Work like Bitcoin or Monero) because it does not require tremendous amounts of electricity.
While having a staking wallet is much easier than mining the normal way, the fact it requires a 24/7 connection can be hard when you have a data cap, or when your computer is used by other people.
Simple Staking pools can be the answer to that problem.
By giving your coins to a staking pool you basically put your coins together with other people from the same site so you can share the costs of running a 24/7 online wallet. When you give your coins to a pool, they keep the wallet open and take a very small fee for running the server that the wallet is on.
Also, some staking coins that pay a lot are easier to get when you have large amounts of the coins or token. 
A benefit of the small fee is that most staking pools require no up front costs. All they do is take that small fee. This makes it easier for a starter that collected faucets or invested a small amount before starting to stake.

Cheap masternodes

Some other staking pools also have shared masternodes to make the costs go down.
Masternodes work a bit different from staking. In staking all you need to do is have the minimum requirement of coins, locked up in a wallet before you rake in the profit.
With masternodes you need to buy the masternode with coins (effectively losing the coins you put in) and you get a certain amount of coins back every day, week or month for running that masternode and verifying transactions. Those transaction verifications are done automatically.
For example, if a masternode costs 1000 coins, and it generates 100 coins a day,  you could split the costs, and also split the profits. If you and someone else on the site both send 500 coins to the masternode service, you can both take an equal part of the profits. That being 50 coins a day, since the total profit is 100 coins. Most people use this option when masternodes become a big financial decision, to spread risks with other people, or to save funds to buy other masternodes.
The biggest advantage is that you do not need to learn how to run a masternode, they run it for you!

A quick video on masternodes:

There are various services that offer staking pools, or masternode services.
This is a list of the most well known simple staking pools that run for free.

Stakeunited - Site is closed.

Stakeunited popped up when the first staking coins launched.
Since it is a big hassle to run a wallet 24/7 they took up the job to run the wallets for people, and automatically distributing the earnings of the stake wallet. Simply send the coins to their wallet, and you can join the staking after 24 hours. It is a very simple pos pool, with a simple wallet service.
They also offer shared masternodes.
This service is legit, and can earn you quite a bit of money.


(not accepting new members as of now)

Newer staking pool with low fees.
Also offer ICO news and masternode services. They have a bunch of POW pools but those are not interesting for people looking just for staking or masternodes.
Click below to sign up


Staking lab boosts much lower fees than the other shared staking pools, and is very simple to set up.
They are currently working on implementing shared masternodes.
Unique part is the instant masternodes, which get launched directly after they receive enough funding. No verification to wait so it can easily make you earn a bit better because you get  day or more head start on running a shared masternode on other sites like stake united, which lets you wait a while when you want to run a node. Also has a very good dashboard in which you can easily see how much you earned staking in the pool.
Click below to sign up

Honorable mentions  of staking pools you can try if the above dont show any staking pool you need as of now.



Rocketpool (only Ether)

If you need more passive ways to earn
 check out our guide for Bitcoin Lending


Get paid in BTC for uploading images

Lately a lot of image hosts that pay BTC have stopped or have started their own ICO (Supload) making it harder for people to find image hosts that pay in BTC.

Today I took a look for the best imagehosts with fast hosting, for earning with images.
There are various tactics to earn with images which I will discuss lower in the guide.

The best paying image host I found is File.army

Sign up for an account, and verify your email.

After doing that you can access your dashboard and upload images.
For an example check the image I uploaded here (link).

There are a few rules about uploading.
The most important ones are the fact you can not bot the views (using traffic exchanges and such) and only one view is counter per unique IP. Which means, if multiple people watch the image on the same computer that has the same IP the whole time you only get credited once.

Earning rates are as of following:
$1 for 4000 views, $1 for every 100 likes on the image and $1 for every 50 followers you get.

When you sign up at first you have a daily cap of $2 a day. Which means you can only earn $2 and after that your earnings of that day stop. They do this to stop fraud with the image host. After you build trust with the site your daily cap with go higher, and eventually disappear. 

NSFW is not allowed on the site, uploading those without clicking the NSFW tag can cost you a fee.

You can only withdraw to a bitcoinwallet.com account since that is the only wallet they support.

Some tips to earn money with uploading the images for BTC:

Share your images on social media such as Tumblr, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Every view counts, and memes or interesting images can be an easy way to earn some extra views.

If you have a following ask them to check out the images you uploaded.

Make guides and link the images to the site, they have to visit the site to watch the screenshots.
You can also do this with critical information.

Click the image below to sign up

Do you need more image hosts?

Try the ones listed below. They all pay BTC!

Need more ways to earn? Check these Autofaucets


Allcoins.pw review, Scam or legit?


is a newer faucet that has 19(!) faucets as of 2018.

The image below shows all faucets.
You can earn the following coins for free on this faucet:
Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Potcoin, Ubiq, Pivx, Stratis, Blackcoin, Primecoin, Ethereum, Bitcore, Komodo, Digiyte, Pinkcoiin, Dash, Monero, Peercoin, BitcoinCash, Electroneum, Bitcoingold, Zcash, Ethereum Classic, Groestlcoin, Verge, Gamecredits and Reddcoin.
Basically one of the biggest faucets that is on the web right now!
They have multiple ways to claim faucets.
The most used option is the manual claiming, since it pays the best. 
As second best earner you should try the PTC tab shown in the left.
You will get paid to watch short advertisements from others.
Auto claimer is also a part of the site. It works pretty simple. You click on Autoclaim and charge your account with auto claim tokens. Those are gained by watching a short url advertisement. After watching it your account gets credited and you can earn altcoins such as Groestlcoin, Zcash and many other unknown coins.
Multiple gambling games are on the site, but I dont recommend doing those since the house always wins. If you want to play dice check out cryptogames for a fair game.

You can withdraw with faucethub, to all the coins that can be connected with faucethub.
All the other coins can be withdrawn to your personal wallet or can be kept on the site (I do not recommend doing that, neither holding them on exchanges).

Sign up with the image below


Adbtc.top review, Scam or legit?

Adbtc.top is a new advertising network that pays you to browse websites.

You sign up to the site, and verify your email and confirm it.
After that you are presented with various options.
All options involve browsing ads in return for rewards, that are paid in BTC.
The best earning option is the manual ad browse.
You go to the "surf ads" tab and click the big green button as shown in the image below.
When you click the button a new website opens up with a timer. Let the timer run to zero, and wait for it to finish. After the timer finishes, the earnings will be send to your account on the site.

Much easier for when you are not at home is the autosurf.
The autosurf opens new sites and let the timers run, and after they ran out it automatically closes the page and opens a new one. This is completely safe but I advice running it on a computer you exclusively use for faucets.  
The autosurf feature can be paying very good or bad depending on your location. Western countries get more offers and ads.

You can withdraw instantly to Faucethub with no fees. You can also withdraw to your personal Bitcoin wallet or you can exchange it for advertising balance to run your own ads. (You could use it to advertise your own referral urls for other faucets).

Click the button below to sign up
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Check these faucets that pay you to game!

How To Buy Up To 150 Euro of Cryptocurrency Without Showing Verification?

Maybe you just learned about cryptocurrency, or maybe you just want to own some without a hassle so you can buy something online. Some people also prefer buying cryptocurrency without an ID card because an ID card allows people to track your information.

With this short guide I can show you how to buy Bitcoin without any verification.
This also works for various other coins such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, OmiseGO, 0x, qtum and Digibyte.

Step 1. 

Register an account at Bitit.io
After registration go to your email and confirm your account. This is important for the next step.

Step 2. 

You can buy a Bitit giftcard at certain retailers online that let you buy the gift-card without verification.
The stores that carry them right now can be found here.
You can go into a store, and purchase up to 150 Euro worth of gift-cards.
Buying more without ID is certainly possible, altho not recommended because there is a hard limit on the Bitit site that asks for verification after you redeemed 150 Euro.

Step 3. 

Go back to the Bitit.io site and redeem your giftcard. You can access redemption by going to " buy" and look at the payment options to find the options to add various cards such as the Cashlib Voucher and Neosurf voucher. Both carry a 10.90% fee. So keep that in mind when buying gift-cards in bulk. The gift-cards do not have any expiration date, so you can give it to your family and be assured they still can redeem it at a point they find fair as entry point.

Step 4.

After redeeming your giftcard go to the "wallet"  tab to withdraw your funds from the site into your personal wallet. This being a wallet on your phone, desktop, Ledger or paper wallet.

Advertising Networks That Accept Bitcoin or Altcoins (List)

After the big crackdown from Google Adsense on cryptocurrency related advertisements, many took their business elsewhere. But the main problem for many advertisers is finding a replacement, that works just as good, or even better than Google Adsense.
The most logical step to take is to take the advertising business away from Google and back out in the open with advertising networks that accept cryptocurrency, and definitely accept ICO advertising or other projects. 
Bitcoin advertising networks are growing, with some of the adnetworks reaching over 4 million unique views every day. That is a massive amount of traffic for many new projects.
The advertising business is huge, and taking cryptocurrency advertising to adnetworks that support cypto, can massively help grow crypto as competitive to fiat.

I compiled this list with important details for new advertisers and publishers that want to start accepting bitcoin in return for providing advertising or providing viewers.

1. A-Ads.com

Pretty much the longest running adnetwork accepting Bitcoin. Until 2017 exclusively used Bitcoin, now slowly starting to accept other coins such as Dogecoin and Litecoin.
Sporting 4 million unique views every day, and an impressive anti cheat technology.
Few details that are pretty interesting are the fact that publishers can sign up without an account and earn BTC, and that they dont collect data on viewers of websites except for a few small details such as country.
The most users come from the US, India and Brazil.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC. They used to have no minimum withdrawal when you send the satoshis to their micro wallet provider but they quit that service as of 2018.
Deposits can be done with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash, Dogecoin and Ethereum.

New users with a website can start earning right away.
Click below to sign up

2. Mellowads.com

New adnetwork with some cool features such as an build-in faucet. Piratebay (has) used this advertising network. The faucet on the site can give you free BTC, that you can use to pay for advertising so you can try the adnetwork. You can save as much of the faucet earnings as you want, and use them all at once to make an actual impact on what you are promoting. This is perfect for new starters that want to test adnetworks before running them long term on their own budget.
Personally I am a back fan of the pop under advertising, it has an excellent ROI (return on investment)

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC. You can only deposit BTC.

Click below to sign up.

3. Bitmedia.io

Runs text and banner ads, works great for new publishers. Also describes a similar earning rate as Google Adsense. Interface rocks a slick design, and the numbers of traffic are quite high for a newer site. They have a pretty scrutinized process for new publishers to keep the network high quality for advertisers, to keep the rates high.

The minimum withdrawal is 0.002 BTC. That is higher than the others but they also offer USD withdrawals to closed Beta participants.

Click below to sign up

4. Adbitz.biz

According to themself, they are the most transparent advertising network. All payments are done real time, so you can easily check for problems with the advertising. They offer some nifty tools for advertisers.

The minimum withdrawal is 0.001 BTC.

Click below to sign up

The following advertising networks are lower in traffic, so use as your own risk. 
These sites are not tested by me, but had good reviews as of writing.
Make sure to do diligent research since smaller adnetworks can exit scam.

Adbitty.com - Site has been taken offline

Turned SCAM Read Here and Here


cryptomininggame.com Review, Scam or legit?

Today I took a look at cryptomininggame.com
It is a pretty new faucet that started on November 23.

This game simulates mining but it doesnt actually mine. This means that you get the fun of mining without deteriorating your hardware. Or when you have a low end computer this is a nice way to experience the mining and earn from it.

Mining is pretty easy, you click the button and it automatically starts mining. 
The mining is fueled by crystals, and the higher level you are the less crystals it costs to mine.
When you run out of fuel at one point, you can do missions, which you give you crystals.
Using those crystals on the mining again makes you profit.

Running out of energy also happens after a while, since you need it for the crystals. 
Easiest way to refill is by clicking on an ad that the game shows you when you run out of energy.
Just takes a couple seconds, and you get the energy you need.

Another nice bonus is the 100 Satoshi sign up bonus that is running right now when you sign up and complete the tutorial.

Click below to sign up.


Earn crypto with microtasks

This article has been updated on 22/05/2019 to update various information regarding changes on picoworkers.com. Read footer to get more information about the updates.

The most things you do online is signing up to various sites to check for information, use certain features, subscribe to a mailing list or other various things. What if you could get paid Bitcoin to do that?

Picoworkers let you do exactly that.

Read this short Picoworkers Review

First you need to sign up to the site

After signing up confirm your email and you are set to earn!
Visit the small jobs tab. on that page you get to see a lot of jobs that need completion.

Breaking down the information brings us to a couple key points.

The most important part, payment is for how much you get for completing the task.
Succes is for how many succeeded. The bar is totally green when everyone that signed up succeeded.
TTR is Time To Rate. This is the amount of the time the advertiser has to check if you did a good job.
If the advertiser fails to rate, you automatically get your money.
Status green means the job is live and you can complete it. Red means it is paused or out of places.
The other parts are pretty easy to figure out. Done is for how many the job did already and how many spots are open.

You can also do ongoing tasks.

When you do ongoing tasks you get tasks every day, week or month and you get paid every time you do the job. This is a trusted relationship between you and the advertiser, since you have to come back every time to complete the task. These tasks can include writing, audio transcribing, testing games and more.

If you are in need for your own sign ups, because you need them for a site, or need a small job done you can do that too. The small payments make it easy for advertisers to get a job done, be it signing up or testing various software, since the users are more then willing to help you fully for a small incentive. You can also use the site to boost engagement to your social media, since picoworkers usually use their own accounts to like Facebook posts or for example watching and liking Youtube videos.

Picoworkers offers a simple affiliate program, which pays you for sign ups.

For every job completed you get 5% on top of what the user makes. So if the person that signed up below you makes $1, you earn 5 cents on auto pilot. Dont have to do anything for it! When a member makes a deposit of $1 you also get 5 cents from it. Its a nice reward for recommending this to friends or social media.

Picoworkers.com turned scam.

Multiple viewers reported that Picoworkers.com does not pay out anymore, or only selectively pays users. The owner does not respond to emails, nor personal messages on forums. Do not sign up for picoworkers.com if you are expecting to get paid. 



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