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Get paid in BTC for uploading images

Lately a lot of image hosts that pay BTC have stopped or have started their own ICO (Supload) making it harder for people to find image hosts that pay in BTC.

Today I took a look for the best imagehosts with fast hosting, for earning with images.
There are various tactics to earn with images which I will discuss lower in the guide.

The best paying image host I found is

Sign up for an account, and verify your email.

After doing that you can access your dashboard and upload images.
For an example check the image I uploaded here (link).

There are a few rules about uploading.
The most important ones are the fact you can not bot the views (using traffic exchanges and such) and only one view is counter per unique IP. Which means, if multiple people watch the image on the same computer that has the same IP the whole time you only get credited once.

Earning rates are as of following:
$1 for 4000 views, $1 for every 100 likes on the image and $1 for every 50 followers you get.

When you sign up at first you have a daily cap of $2 a day. Which means you can only earn $2 and after that your earnings of that day stop. They do this to stop fraud with the image host. After you build trust with the site your daily cap with go higher, and eventually disappear. 

NSFW is not allowed on the site, uploading those without clicking the NSFW tag can cost you a fee.

You can only withdraw to a account since that is the only wallet they support.

Some tips to earn money with uploading the images for BTC:

Share your images on social media such as Tumblr, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Every view counts, and memes or interesting images can be an easy way to earn some extra views.

If you have a following ask them to check out the images you uploaded.

Make guides and link the images to the site, they have to visit the site to watch the screenshots.
You can also do this with critical information.

Click the image below to sign up

Do you need more image hosts?

Try the ones listed below. They all pay BTC!

Need more ways to earn? Check these Autofaucets


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