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How To Make Profit With A Staking Pool or Cheap Masternodes

Staking or POS (Proof Of Stake) is a fairly new technology in  the cryptocurrency space.

Most people wonder how they can profit with it.

steaking pool

Normally, cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is mined by high end computers that get a percentage of each fee from a transaction by calculating. With POS (or staking) this verifying of the transaction, or discovering new blocks is done by a wallet, usually provided by the developers of the coin.
Where mining requires a high end computer for profit, the only requirement for staking is that you have a computer that can run the wallet software, and that is connected to the internet 24/7.
It is much more eco friendly than POW (Proof Of Work like Bitcoin or Monero) because it does not require tremendous amounts of electricity.
While having a staking wallet is much easier than mining the normal way, the fact it requires a 24/7 connection can be hard when you have a data cap, or when your computer is used by other people.
Simple Staking pools can be the answer to that problem.
By giving your coins to a staking pool you basically put your coins together with other people from the same site so you can share the costs of running a 24/7 online wallet. When you give your coins to a pool, they keep the wallet open and take a very small fee for running the server that the wallet is on.
Also, some staking coins that pay a lot are easier to get when you have large amounts of the coins or token. 
A benefit of the small fee is that most staking pools require no up front costs. All they do is take that small fee. This makes it easier for a starter that collected faucets or invested a small amount before starting to stake.

Cheap masternodes

Some other staking pools also have shared masternodes to make the costs go down.
Masternodes work a bit different from staking. In staking all you need to do is have the minimum requirement of coins, locked up in a wallet before you rake in the profit.
With masternodes you need to buy the masternode with coins (effectively losing the coins you put in) and you get a certain amount of coins back every day, week or month for running that masternode and verifying transactions. Those transaction verifications are done automatically.
For example, if a masternode costs 1000 coins, and it generates 100 coins a day,  you could split the costs, and also split the profits. If you and someone else on the site both send 500 coins to the masternode service, you can both take an equal part of the profits. That being 50 coins a day, since the total profit is 100 coins. Most people use this option when masternodes become a big financial decision, to spread risks with other people, or to save funds to buy other masternodes.
The biggest advantage is that you do not need to learn how to run a masternode, they run it for you!

A quick video on masternodes:

There are various services that offer staking pools, or masternode services.
This is a list of the most well known simple staking pools that run for free.

Stakeunited - Site is closed.

Stakeunited popped up when the first staking coins launched.
Since it is a big hassle to run a wallet 24/7 they took up the job to run the wallets for people, and automatically distributing the earnings of the stake wallet. Simply send the coins to their wallet, and you can join the staking after 24 hours. It is a very simple pos pool, with a simple wallet service.
They also offer shared masternodes.
This service is legit, and can earn you quite a bit of money.


(not accepting new members as of now)

Newer staking pool with low fees.
Also offer ICO news and masternode services. They have a bunch of POW pools but those are not interesting for people looking just for staking or masternodes.
Click below to sign up

Staking lab boosts much lower fees than the other shared staking pools, and is very simple to set up.
They are currently working on implementing shared masternodes.
Unique part is the instant masternodes, which get launched directly after they receive enough funding. No verification to wait so it can easily make you earn a bit better because you get  day or more head start on running a shared masternode on other sites like stake united, which lets you wait a while when you want to run a node. Also has a very good dashboard in which you can easily see how much you earned staking in the pool.
Click below to sign up

Honorable mentions  of staking pools you can try if the above dont show any staking pool you need as of now. 


Rocketpool (only Ether)

If you need more passive ways to earn
 check out our guide for Bitcoin Lending


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