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How to make your own Bitcoin Tumbler for free?

Bitcoin tumblers are sites on which you can deposit your coins, and they get shuffled with coins from other users so you both have mixed coins, making your coins more anonymous.

Making your own Bitcoin Tumbler can be difficult, and for a long time you had to know how to write code to make one. is a new site that allows you to make your own Bitcoin Tumbler with their free software.
Simply upload the files, change the API keys and you are done.

First you need hosting.
I recommend using 000webhost since it is free for starters. Click below to sign up for free.
After signing up verify your email and you can host your free site.
Head back to and grab the files, upload them on 000webhost and you can now start earning money.

Other options to earn are also available.
A very popular option is becoming a seller of Jambler.
Investing your bitcoin can have a big return rate since Bitcoin tumblers are very profitable.
By investing your bitcoin your coins will be used for tumbling, and from every fee on the site you receive a small part! They have an interest calculator on the site.
This makes a legit service to invest your Bitcoin in.

Click  below to go to the site

For more information on passive sites to earn BTC click here


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