Best online casino of 2020! review, Scam or legit? is a Bitcoin faucet site.

It started in 2014, and is still going strongly in 2018, which makes it a trustworthy faucet. holds a high record of paying at least 14 BTC (!) to its members in total, and the owner is still very invested in his faucet. Before I made this review, I requested a solution to the site load times, and the owner took the time to fix the whole database to decrease the loading times, which was very nice and shows the dedication he/she has for the faucet. is a typical faucet in the sense that you go to the site, sign up with an email, and you can start claiming right away. Claim rates are pretty high, as shown in the image below:

Withdrawal starts at 15.000 satoshi when you withdraw to Faucethub, and 35.000 satoshi when you withdraw to your personal wallet. These withdrawal limits are pretty high, but it is done to minimize bots and frauds, so you as legit claimer can earn more satoshi.

The bank

A very interesting feature in my opinion is the bank.
The bank is a wallet on the site, in which you can save the satoshi you earned earlier in the faucet.
When you deposit your earnings into the bank, you can earn compound interest.
Simply click on the "bank" tab, ,and click on "transfer to bank" to transfer your earnings.

Depending on many factors as advertisers, games and various other factors the interest rate fluctuates, but it can be very profitable. At the moment the interest rate is 0.1%, making this a very good way to make some extra satoshi. 
Quick overview: if you would deposit 10000 satoshi in the bank, you would get 10 satoshi every day passive without any clicking.
For comparison, only gives 0.001%, which is 10x less!
Keep in mind that when you deposit your faucet earnings in the bank, you can not withdraw them again. Depositing mainly supports the faucet, but gives you satoshi in return as thanks.

To sign up for Bitcoin faucet, click the image below
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