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Shop Online And Earn Crypto Cashback!

If you do a lot of shopping online it can be smart to use a cashback reward site.

Cashback Reward sites are sites that pay you through shopping with them.
When you click a link to a webshop on their site, and you make a purchase, they get a commission. They share that commission with you. The best part is that it does not cost you a dime extra and it works with big stores like Walmart.
With this guide you will earn Dash, and you can exchange those on exchanges if you prefer for other coins.

You need to sign up with to start earning Dash.

After you signed up you can start earning directly.
Search for an item or click on categories to find the item you need or might want.
You can also search for stores if you prefer searching a single store.
A few of the big sites you can shop at are Walmart US, Microsoft,, Groupon and many others. All these offer at least a 3% cashback. This means that on a purchase of $100 you earn $3.
This may not sound like much, but long term it adds up, especially when you take the Dash reward.

How to get Crypto from the Cashback site?

Once you earned $5 on the site you are eligible for a withdrawal.
Go to your account, click on rewards and click on Dash payment. Whenever you hit minimum withdrawal they automatically send you Dash!
No effort required on your part.

As extra bonus they have a lot of coupons that help you get free shipping or extra discounts.

Click below to sign up with
Ps. If you have a Cashback program on your credit card you can still earn with this cashback program.
Double earnings!


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