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How to safely join a KYC verification for airdrops.

Lately more tokens and airdrops started doing airdrops for new members.
These can be pretty fun, and might be very profitable for most people.
While it is a time consuming task with all the verifications, registrations and more tasks some end up with a high priced token. 

There are a few problems that you might not realize before you join an airdrop or ICO, and which you should keep in mind before you even join any of them.
If you joined a few its not too late yet to follow these safety guidelines.

Airdrops open you to various risk factors, all with an increasing amount of problems if it happens.

The first one, and most important one is your password.
Joining more than one airdrop is much more profitable, because you can manage the risk when a token or coin does not end up successful. Remembering so many passwords can be hard tho, and a lot of people start reusing passwords. Reusing passwords that you use on other sites can risk you getting hacked on other sites.
When a site gets hacked, the hacker gets your passwords and they will try and use it on other sites in the hope you use the same password. This will allow them to continue onto every site with the same password.
If the password is reused a lot, it can be devastating to find a lot of valuable data being accessed.
Especially if you use exchanges, online wallets or social media.

If you reused a password, click here to check if your password is on the internet ready to be accessed by others. Simply enter your email, and it will show what sites has been breached, and leaked your password.

Now you might not feel like using a different password for each site.

The best option is to use a password manager like Lastpass (available for Android and Windows)

Password managers can generate a random password for you, that you can store in the vault on the application. You have one password to open that vault, which is much easier to remember.
This makes sure that a hacker can never try to reuse the password, since you use a different one for each site.

Another problem is the enormous amounts of KYC verifications.

Upcoming in most airdrops is a KYC verification. They are pretty much everywhere lately when you want to grab yourself some free tokens.
These usually require you to upload documents or your passport, which is a huge risk to your safety.
When a site gets hacked, and the documents leaked, hackers can use it to open bank accounts, take loans and much more.
Protecting yourself for these are much harder.
But, there is an app for that too.
This dutch app (Apple App Store) made by their government allows to to make safe copies of your ID that a hacker can not reuse, but will get you through verification. This app is available in English.

Simple example of how it works. (this is a fake document only for this article!)

First, take a photograph with your mobile phone pointed to your passport/verification.
Then, you need to make all identification numbers black, KYC does not require that information, nor should you ever give those service numbers.
Second, you need to put on the watermark with the date, name of the company and for what purpose they can use it.

And third, click on send and the document should look like this. Click to open in a new tab and zoom in.

With the tips from above you maximize your security and lessen the risks a lot more.
Make sure to only sign up with airdrops you feel safe with, since having a breach can be very annoying and cause a lot of problems.
Goodluck earning with airdrops!

If you need a list of good airdrop sites check this.



  1. I joined some Airdrops with KYC verificattion before , of course they do that to avoid Scam and Multi account abuse , but i did not know that i can make all identification numbers black , thank you for this info !

  2. I think it's easy for some to verify the account fkubf kyc joining different Airdrops but you shared very good tips sdaI am not confurscomf doing it. Thanks.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I also joined some air drops before and so afar I have no problem with the kyc verification. This article is very helpful because it increases my knowledge about security concerns on our respective online accounts. Thank you so much for the tips.

  5. Haha, this post is for me, I practically use the same password for several sites, I have a small note book I use for keeping track of my login details for various sites, but sometimes, I just use the same password.
    This post is gold, will definitely check out that app, thank you!.

  6. Remembering Password and KYC are the places where we have to deal with several Airdrops.I agree I too forgot many password and this resulted in waste of time.

  7. I have been worried about that kyc part that is why I still haven't done that part yet. Thanks to this post I can now do it without much worry. Also I've had lastpass for years now but has stop using it about a year ago. Didn't realize I could use it for airdrops until now. Thanks a bunch!

  8. Interesting councils and tools for the use of Airdrpos, I consider them very useful for those of us who have little knowledge in this field, but also very much interested in obtaining some type of benefit but with the lowest possible risk. That's why the important thing of this publication.

  9. this is a good article so far I read about free tokens and Icos, thankyou for providing some good tips to be taken before to join in any new Airdrops

  10. Good write up.
    Airdrops are sometimes boring when the conditions to get tokens are too many. I entered an airdrops and after sign up, and email confirmed, I logged into the site, my 3000 token are waiting for me. This is the type of tokens I like to enter.

  11. Your article is very helpful but it's hard to members different password I will consider password manager it's seem safe.
    Thank you for your info

  12. Information is really helpful but on the verification side, am yet to explore the option to see if it really works. I will give a try and check it out. Thank You!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Thank you for your article. I just started joining airdrops and it really requires KYC verification. Your tips will help a lot on my future ventures.

  15. Thank you for the information this is a very helpful and interesting article I usually join often airdrops but has no luck in me.



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