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Earn Bitcoin By Forum Posting!

If you are a forum poster, or find it something fun to do, it is an excellent way to get paid.
Did you know you could get paid in Bitcoin for posting on a forum?

After some research I found a few good ways to earn Bitcoin on a forum.


One of the more popular choices to earn Bitcoin is by using this forum.
Whenever you make a post, or comment on a thread, you get paid. They use BMF tokens on this site.
1000 Tokens is $1.

You get 1000 Tokens for every referral.
You earn 50 Tokens for posting a thread.
You earn 20 Tokens for making a comment.
You earn 10 Tokens when someone likes your posts. rewards

You also have various other ways to earn.
They have a marketplace, that allows you to sign up to other offers, and get paid by other users for doing tasks. Those can vary from commenting, to signing up on sites, to watching a video. marketplace

Another way to get BMF is by doing surveys on their partnersite.

How can you redeem BMF?

If you want to get it in paypal, you can redeem after getting 1000 Tokens.
But we on Tokenclaimer like Bitcoin. I recommend you go to the marketplace, and make a post that you want to sell your BMF for Bitcoin. Other users will be interested and gladly take your BMF.
Let the other user send the BMF first, since that can be reverted when the trade goes wrong. Bitcoin cant be reverted and a scammer can get away with the crime that way.

Payment proof:

2. Signature campaigns on

Another great way to earn some extra Bitcoin is by doing signature campaigns on Bitcointalk.
You need to level your membership before you can do any signature campaigns.
Leveling the account is pretty easy, you can make a few posts a day to increase your activity level, and when it reaches a certain amount you level up. This can be done within 20 days. Pretty long, but you can use that time to promote your own referral links on their website in the Microearning tab.

Do you have any good ways to earn free Bitcoin on forums?
Share in the comments!


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