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How to mine cryptocurrency on a low-end (bad) computer.

If you dabbled in cryptocurrency you sure have tried to mine some coins yourself. 

Most first time miners give up rather quickly, because mining is not very profitable on most computers, and you waste energy, time and tear on your pc.
There are a few ways to mine cryptocurrency, and Ill explain the difference, and how to mine yourself.

The first on the list is mining with a mining software. 

Mining with specialized software is the only "true" mining. When you mine with specialized software, you help the blockchain of that particular coin verify transactions.
For helping the blockchain move on, the cryptocurrency gives you a part of the fees from the transactions, or the discovery of the new coins that are made by mining.
This is all rather difficult to understand, so I suggest you Youtube a guide that explains to you how cryptocurrency exactly works. This guide just focuses on the mining part.
To get a piece of this pie, you just need a few things.
A pc, internet, and a dedicated mining software. Depending on what you want to mine you need a different kind of software. Because most users here on Tokenclaimer have low end hardware I'll explain to you how to mine on that.
Low end hardware (stuff like your computer at home) is unable to mine Bitcoin, because you need specialized software to do that.
That does not mean you can not mine, but that you need to look at different options. Low end hardware seems to do well by mining CryptoNight coins. Cryptonight coins are basically the same as bitcoin except for a few differences. These coins can not mined by specialized computers (ASICS) so your low end computer actually has a good chance of earning from these coins.

In this guide we will mine Turtlecoin. This coin is a cryptonote coin. You can follow this setup with any of the coins mentioned on this site. Take a quick look and pick one you would like to mine.

To start mining you need the mining software. You can get that here.
Download, and turn of your antivirus. You need to turn that off since antivirus does not play nice with cryptocurrency miners.

When running the software two windows will pop up. Close the one that says you need administration privileges. The other window will guide you through the process of the setup.
Follow the instructions the window gives.

These are the answers to the questions on the initial setup:

Type in a port you want to remote monitor:
Use 8000 or 3000.


Pool address - this is the group you mine with. Find a pool by googling the coin name and pool.
I use eu.turtlepool:7777

Your wallet address of that coin

type "X"

SSL suppport"
type "n"

Do you want to use nicehash:
type "n"

Do you want to use multiple pools:
type "n"

After you are all done it should look a bit like this:

At this point your mining software should start mining, keep the wallet open and watch the coins roll in!

Your second option is using a miner that is already pre configured for your computer.

These are usually not very profitable, but if you dislike the hassle of setting up the mining software this one can be much better.
First, go to this site and download the miner. Again, dont forget to turn off your antivirus so it doesnt remove the files.
Make an account, verify it and use those details to log into the miner.
That is all you have to do!
The miner will do the rest for you. If you want to check your details head to the site and check your balances on there. This is also the place where you put in your withdrawal requests.

Your third option is using a web miner.

These are the least profitable of all miners, but also the easiest since you do not need to install anything at all.
Go here, make an account and log in. After that head to the CPU mining tab and click on "mine".
Your pc will now start mining, and the site rewards you coins that you can redeem for Bitcoin or Dogecoin.
 You get a set amount of coins for each 100K hashes, and you can redeem when you have 50.000 Coins.
Those withdrawals are feeless.

The fourth option is using a cloud miner.

This is definitely the least recommended option since cloudminers are mostly scams, offering way too much profit in a short amount of time and running away with investments.
There are a few cloudminers that are legit, but it can be hard to turn a profit with them.
On these sites you simply buy a package, and let it run. After a certain amount of time you can redeem your coins to your personal wallet.



That concludes the guide on mining cryptocurrency.
If you have questions or suggestions post them below!



  1. Thanks for your informative advice/recommendations. It's very nice and I'd like to try one of this options. Great blog and goodluck :-)

  2. I've tried mining XMR in the past but realised quickly that it wasn't very profitable on my computer. Never heard of TurtleCoins though, so it's definitely something I'll check out.

  3. I was looking forward for some tips about mining and here I get it. Thanks for sharing about it. I will try to work with it soon.

  4. Wow this is so informative..i would try the second option and will see how it goes. Thanks a lot.

  5. This is a really great blog that gives a lot of information about how to earn money online even with a bad computer. Way to go!

  6. Well this is really a great article, I have been finding some ways on how to mine some bitcoins in my laptop with the help of some software and I am glad that I came across for these site and I really learned a lot from it.

  7. Finally I have found a good article about this topic, I needed to know about and this post explains everything in a simple way, thanks!

  8. I have read many reviews about mining,but you have explained very well in your article all the possible ways to start mining.I think it is an excellent guide for everyone,who wants to enter the mining business and to earn cryptocurrencies.

  9. This is new infomation for me. You explained very well. It's very easy to understand. I bookmarked your blog. Best wishes for you!!!



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