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This site has been down as of 2/6/19 is a newer site that I stumbled upon looking for alternatives that pay you for watching videos.

This site promises you satoshi for every video you watch, they also offer offerwalls, and a faucet.

How does the earning work?

The most profitable earner on the site is definitely the video wall.
You click on a channel, and you automatically start earning.

Every point is worth 1 satoshi, so the earnings add up quick!

They also have an offer wall available. 

Here you can do surveys, or other small tasks in return for satoshi.
Try to do your best on these surveys, since they can be great earners.
If you find a survey use your real information because those surveys are used for market-research.
Do not try to use fake information because there is a big chance the results are reviewed before you get credited. Fake information means no satoshi will get credited to your account. At worst, you can get banned from participating in the future.

The last thing they offer is a faucet.

This faucet pays you around 4 points for each claim, and you can claim every couple hours.
It definitely is pretty low, but there are no ads or short urls on the faucet, which makes it an easy claim.

How to withdraw from Synched-Rewards?

Simply head to the withdrawal page, and add your Faucethub bitcoin wallet.
If you do not have a Faucethub account, you can make one here for free.

When you made an account on Faucethub head back to synced-rewards and add your wallet.
The moment you reach 1000 points, you can withdraw it. 1000 points equals 1000 Satoshi.

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