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Best online casino of 2020!

The Best PHP Bitcoin Scripts For A Profitable Business.

This is a list with the best cryptocurrency PHP scripts.
All scripts come with a free preview so you can test the script.

All these scripts require you to get webhosting.
We at Tokenclaimer recommend 000webhost.

000webhost allows you to host your script for free and you can upgrade at any time for a small fee to premium hosting that gives you more features.
When you have your webhosting you can get a script, host it and earn money from it.

1. Coingames - $69

This script allows you to run a crypto dice site, coupled with a faucet. They also have a roulette and offerwalls implemented.
You can easily install the script since its based on PHP and you have access to support in case you get stuck. 

Free Preview script

2. Bitcoin Maker - $49

Most people these days browse the internet from their mobile. Placing advertising in a mobile app can be very profitable. With Bitcoin Maker you can build your own app very easily and integrate many ad networks and pay your users to do the tasks on the site.
You get income from ad networks and offerwalls and with that income you can pay your users.

Free Preview script

3. ICO script - $399

Make a beautiful working ICO site in minutes that you can use to promote your coin to initial investors. With a high price tag but certainly worth it if you need a custom site with support for installation on your webhosting. This script supports login, sale bonuses, presale bonuses and more.

Free Preview script

4. Bond Coin script - $99

Another PHP Ico site prebuild for a fast coin offering with responsive design.
Great choice if you are in need for a cheap way to build an ICO site that allows you to manage investors easily.

Free Preview script

5. Advertop Script - $199

Another app builder that has many integrated adnetworks so your users can earn plenty of money and you get plenty of ad income. 

Free Preview script


freefaucet.io review, Scam or Legit?

Freefaucet.io is a faucet that promotes new cryptocurrency.

Owners that want to promote their cryptocurrency can open a faucet on freefaucet.io to get exposure to their coin.
The faucet promotes multiple coins, and you get a couple of free claims each day to claim the cryptocurrency. The claims run on a timer. When  you run out of claims the timer resets to 24 hours and you need to wait till the timer runs out to claim again.

You can withdraw each coin instantly. Which you can do to withdraw to your personal wallet or exchange to sell the coins for your preferred coin.
If you claim the most popular faucets (PLUS1 or Braz) you can use Southxchange for both to exchange your free cryptocurrency to BTC.

There are tiers of claiming.

Free members usually get around 100 satoshi, but premium members can earn up to 1000 satoshi or more. Upgrading can be profitable depending on how much you claim each day.

An unique feature is the Geofaucets.

These are faucets that work with QR codes. When you find a freefaucet QR code in the wild you can scan it and get free coins.
You can also make codes, and put them around your neighborhood. Every time someone scans your code and claims, you also get a small amount of coins.

Freefaucet has a referral program available for everyone.

A referral program is a program that lets you promote the site and get paid for the promoting.
You can sign up friends and get a 5% bonus on top of their claims. If your friend claims 10 BRAZ you will get 0.5 BRAZ for just having him as referral.
This can be very profitable depending on how big your social network is.

This faucet is legit, I used it to claim a couple times and withdrew to Southxchange to exchange to dogecoin and they send the coins instantly.

Click below to sign up with freefaucet.io

Updated on 04/18/2019



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