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The Best Sites To Earn Money With Forum Posting

This is a big list with sites that pay you to post on forums.

Forums are a big part of the online money making community but a lot of people do it for free right now.
There are forums that made the choice to share the ad revenue with their users, making it possible to actually earn money from making comments on a forum.

A couple things to keep in mind before you start:

1. Never spam on forums.
2. Keep self promotion to a minimum. Don't paste your ref link on every thread you find.
3. Don't try to game their systems, most sites use manual verification.
4. Be informative and write detailed information.
5. When a site has the option to use signature links make sure to use it. Promoting in your signature can help you get referrals on the sites you prefer.

With the above pointers you are ready to start earning.

Most of the forums only pay in Paypal. The trick to get cryptocurrency instead is look for a place on the forum that allows you to trade with other users, and trade your coins on the site for any cryptocurrency you prefer. I personally choose to always use BTC or Doge since those are the most widely available cryptos.

These are the forums that will pay you in paypal or btc for posting:

One of the biggest forums out there that pays you in cryptocurrency for your posts.
They have pretty strict rules about posting, so make sure to read the rules before hand.
Again, try to write informative posts.
They allow signature links so make use of that.

Withdrawal minimum is only $1
You earn 5 cents for each thread and 2 cents for each post.

Payment proof:

Uses the same format as beermoneyforum but has a much smaller community.
Has the same rules as beermoneyforum such as the fact you need to write original content.

Withdrawal minimum is only $1
You earn 1.5 cents for each thread.
The comments work a bit different. You get paid the longer your comment is.
You earn 0.1 cents for every character over 100 characters. Which means that if your comment contains 101 letters, you get 0.1 cents. Is your comment 200 letters you get 10 cents.

This site works a bit different since you get paid in cryptocurrency from the start.
Bitcoinunicorn works with BCTUI tokens.

You get 10 BCTUI for every thread.
They have no rewards for commenting.
An interesting feature is the bank. By keeping your BCTUI tokens on the site you receive 2% interest on your balance every month.

You can exchange the tokens directly on their site for BTC with their internal exchange.

Another forum you can earn points.
Exchange them for crypto in their marketplace. You can also earn from having referrals join the site and making a few posts.
This one is lower on the list since they don't have that much information available on the site.


They dont allow you to earn directly, but its a very busy forum with a lot of members eager to earn.
If you have a good site to promote you can use this site to promote it. Use your signature link and make informative posts.
Another choice is to join a signature campaign. Someone else on the forum will pay you to have their link in your signature. This can be very profitable if you post a lot.
Joining a signature campaign is also available on


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