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Best Telegram Bots To Earn Free Bitcoin

This is the ultimate list to making Bitcoin on Telegram.

Telegram is a popular chat app on Android and IOS. With this chat app you can message friends, open secret chats and use a lot of stickers. It is a free app to use which you can easily download.
All you need is a phone and a phone number to connect to the app. The phone number allows the app to find contacts that are already on Telegram so you can message them easier.

Apart from the usual chatting features you can also talk with bots on Telegram.
These bots are automated scripts that have set responses when you send a command to them.
Some of these bots have build in faucets that can help you earn money.
Below is a list with the best paying Telegram bots that paid me. So I know they are legit.
Make sure you have a wallet for the following bots. I recommend you get Coinomi from the app store. That wallet supports every coin on this list.

1. Doge clickbot Telegram

The most popular faucet bot on Telegram. With this bot you can earn free Dogecoin.
Simply send the start command and follow instructions. Minimum withdrawal is very low at 3 Dogecoin. Each task gives around 1 Dogecoin and should not take more than 5 seconds to complete. (Not a joke, they really pay this high!)

2. Litecoin clickbot Telegram

The same bot as the Dogeclickbot, but than for Litecoin. With this bot you can earn free Litecoin.
Less popular than the Dogecoin bot which means tasks can run out once in a while.
Check back daily to see new tasks pop up.

3. Bitcoincash clickbot Telegram

This bot exclusively uses Bitcoin cash.

4. ZEC clickbot Telegram

This coin pays in ZEC. You can trade it on various exchanges for your preferred coin.

5. BTC clickbot Telegram

This coin pays you in Bitcoin. Pretty high minimum withdrawal but lots of tasks.

6. Free Bitcoin Bot Telegram

This bot works a bit differently but pays very good. You get 100 Bitcoin satoshi for joining a channel. Usually around 3 to 7 tasks available on the bot.

7. Rich Crypto Bot Telegram

The only bot on this list that pays in Ethereum. Not many tasks available but they are high paying and can pay up to 1 MiliEth.

8. Extra Money Bot Telegram

This bot pays you in Bitcoin. You get 100 Satoshi for every channel you join.

9. Free Crypto Bot Telegram

From the same makers as the Extra Money bot on Telegram. Also pays around 100 Satoshi.

10. TeleAds Promotion Bot Telegram

This bot pays in Ripple, Doge and Litecoin.

These are the top paying bots on Telegram that you can use to make some money on the road.
Do you have more that you like to share? Post them in the comments and we will add them to the list.

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Updated on 5/29/19

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