Best online casino of 2020! Review, Is It A Scam? is a site on which you can buy and sell cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

Why would you use Bitpanda?

Lets say you are looking to buy some Bitcoin. Coinbase has a waiting list, and other websites are slow to transfer or offer bad exchange rates. Bitpanda is the alternative.
This is a great exchange to use if you live in Europe since the website is focused on helping European members exchange cryptocurrency.

What payment methods are accepted?

As of now most payment processors are accepted so far I have seen on the website.
The most important ones are: Bank transfer, Neteller, Mastercard, Ideal, Creditcard and much more.

How do I buy Bitcoin on Bitpanda?

First register and verify your account. After verification you can head to the buy and sell tab and place an order. Ordering goes very easy. All you have to do is input the amount of coins you want and the site will automatically calculate how much you should pay. Top of you balance with money and you can finalize the trade. You can also deposit beforehand to make sure your trade goes through the moment you place the order.

They also have an app available on Android for trading purposes.

What do you think of Bitpanda? Did you use it to trade before?
We used Bitpanda successfully and think the site is legit. Tell your opinion in the comments.


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