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Coinomi Review, Best Mobile Bitcoin Wallet?

Coinomi is a cryptocurrency wallet that came on the market in 2016.

This wallet quickly grew popular thanks to the design, and ease of using.
All you needed was a computer or phone. Later that year they developed an iphone app and distributed that wallet on the store and on their website.

coinomi logo

The official website of Coinomi is located on
Links to the download of Coinomi and mirrors are located on the official website.

What can you do with this cryptocurrency wallet?

Coinomi is a wallet for your coins. Normally when a person wants to store their coins they have to download the official wallet for said coin, wait for the blockchain to sync and look at an unpleasant interface.
This cryptocurrency wallet gets rid of those problems by bypassing the problems of handling a lot of wallets and filling your harddrive with blockchains.
All you have to do is click on "Add coin" and you can add almost any coin that is mainstream.

Are my coins safe with Coinomi?

Your coins are held on your phone. They are fully your responsibility.
Private keys are available, and there is a requirement to set a password. This will keep your coins safe in case your phone gets stolen. The thief can not use the wallet in that case.
Coinomi can not access your funds at any time and you should never give your private keys to someone you think you trust!
So yes, your coins are safe with the wallet.

How to use the mobile wallet?

After installation add a new coin.
To receive cryptocurrency click on the coin name, and press the tab about receiving.

Receive cryptocurrency coinomi

People can scan your QR code or send crypto to the listed address.

To send coins go to the "send" tab.

Send cryptocurrency coinomi

From here you can scan QR codes or input public wallet addresses to move cryptocurrency.
For example, if an exchange asks you to deposit funds to a certain wallet, you would input that wallet address here. The send function also shows you how much you are sending in USD.
Reaching your balance can be done by clicking on the "balance" tab.
This page will show all transactions done to and from that address.

check balance coinomi

There is not much more to the use of this wallet. It works really easy in my opinion and is secure.
Desktop version might look different but should work the same as the mobile wallet.

What other features does Coinomi have?

You can accept payments by QR code, and send to QR codes which makes it easy to pay for something online.
There is a possibility to add Smart contract tokens. Ethereum is supported at the moment.

I use Coinomi all the time and can verify it is a legit wallet. What do you think? Is it a scam or legit wallet for cryptocurrency?

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