Best online casino of 2020!, Advertising network for Bitcoin

One of the biggest Bitcoin advertising networks right now on the market is

If you have a website or faucet you can use this website to display advertising such as pop-unders and banners to earn money. logo

It is tough to stand out from the crows these days with a lot of new crypto and projects showing up each day. With a good advertising network you can make sure you have interested visitors that would be likely to convert. The conversion, of course, all depends on  your website. Some sites tend to do better than others.

Overall provides quality and unique traffic that normally would not see your website.

How to advertise?

Sign up for an account, deposit BTC and start a campaign.
You have the following options.
- Pop unders
When people visit a site and click something, your site will load in the back ground.
Most people are not interested in pop ups because they are interrupting, but pop unders are usually converting much better because they do not disrupt the visitor while browsing. Instead they see it when they are done with browsing, potentially looking for something more interesting. And they will see your ad then.

- Banner ads
Displayed across hundreds of websites coinzilla provides banner advertising.
If you are looking for brand recognition or getting interested clicks this is a great option.
I personally advertise here with a .GIF banner with great conversion rates.

How to earn?

Register an account and follow the verification process. They will inspect your website and see if it follows the rules.
General rules are that the site is supposed to be Safe For Work. This means that you are not allowed to send in Adult sites. Also not allowed are traffic exchanges, or low effort blogs.
After verification grab the HTML code and paste it between the <body>  and </body> tag to display an ad from coinzilla.

You can also earn from the affiliate program. Whenever someone clicks on the coinzilla link from an advertisement and signs up you get 10% bonus on top of their earnings.
If your referral makes a deposit worth $100 or earns $100 you earn $10 for doing nothing at all!

How to withdraw from Coinzilla?

Minimum withdrawal is only 0.001 BTC, around $5. This is a very low and easy amount to reach if you have some traffic on your website already. Withdrawals are approved manually.

If you want to make an account on the advertising network click below
What are your opinions on Coinzilla? Show us your payment proofs in the comments.
Make sure to check our list on the best advertising networks. Click here


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