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Since Coinhive stopped business many people are looking for alternatives that have the same features as Coinhive had. The most complete alternative I found was

Crypto-loot is a site that facilitates Monero webmining for webmasters.

You can implement the miner on your website and your visitors will automatically mine Monero for you.
There is a possibility to make it opt in so your visitors can accept donating computer resources to you.

What does Crypto-Loot offer?

Url shortener

Crypto-loot is the only url shortener that uses Proof Of Work.
Just like the Coinhive url shortener this one mines Monero and after a certain amount of hashes (that you can set) the visitor is send to the destination url. These url shorteners can not be cheated which is great for faucet owners! There is an API available.


Run a webminer on your website by embedding it with HTML.
Copy the code from the tab called "code generator". Make sure that you have a website added so you can track the webminer.

Proof Of Work Captcha service

Crypto-look lets you use their captcha service that pays you. If you have any service online with captchas, you can use this one instead to earn while captchas are done. These captchas are proof of work which means that these can not be cheated by bots. By mining you ensure that a computer always runs at maximum capabilities for every captcha severely limiting the amount of bots. Also because you earn money from it makes it not so bad to have bots visiting your captchas!

When you reach minimum threshold you can withdraw your monero to your personal wallet.
Click below to sign up with crypto-loot.


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