Advertise in this space for only $20. Click on the image. review, Scam or Legit? is a newer miner that helps you earn Bitcoin online.

There are not that many reviews out there on the internet about this program so I will try to give you the most detailed review possible with all the pros and cons about this cryptocurrency miner.

Simply register, download and install the software and you are set to start earning.
You might need to disable anti virus because running a miner can trigger some anti virus software.
Why should you use honeyminer?

These are the pros of using this software to mine your cryptocurrency:

- Very detailed information about your mining equipment. You can even see temperature in your dashboard!
- A miner console to make sure you can interact directly with your mining equipment.
- You can mine with either your GPU or your CPU. This can improve earnings.
- Level up system. You get free Satoshis once in a while when you mined enough to level up.
- 2 tier referral scheme. Referrals on two levels are paid.
- People who use a referral also get a reward. The higher the level of the referee the higher the reward for the referral.
- Very good hashes because it is a dedicated piece of software.
- Earnings are both displayed as BTC or USD
- The program can be set in "idle-mode" which means the mining software stops the moment you use your computer. This can come in handy when you use your main computer to mine.

What Cons are there to Honeyminer?

- Not detailed enough for people with big mining farms.
They might need something with more details and control
- Some graphic cards are not recognized. I personally had no problem getting mine to be recognized but some people report theirs wont work.

Honeyminer will always find the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine and give you the reward in Bitcoin.

honeyminer earning model diagram

Coins you mine are not auto converted. If you want you can keep coins you mine and hold on to sell later when prices may increase. Depending on the market this can be a profitable business and increase your earnings. earning potential earning calculator

What are your experiences with Is it a scam or legit?

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