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ETN Wallet, Passive Way To Get ETN Free On Mobile.

Electroneum wallet is a wallet that lets you earn ETN passively on your phone.

All you need to do is sign up, verify your account and you can earn.

ETN coin logo

This app distributes ETN coins every hour, and you get a small piece of the mined coins.

The coins are not mined on your phone. The wallet is a cloudminer. Cloudminers put no stress on your phone so you are not deteriorating your hardware. While you can not use it on a desktop pc you can install it on either an Android or iPhone.

Signing up allows you to do bonus tasks. 

Bonus tasks range from verifying email to uploading a selfie. Information like that will not be placed publicly. Electroneum devs use this system to prevent bots from taking all the ETN coins.
The bonus tasks pay 20 ETN in total.

Cloudmining is done automatically. 

You simply click on mine and once every 7 days you have to update the miner so you can get more coins. When you reach 100 ETN in total you can withdraw and keep it in the wallet or sell it on an exchange. Finding a trustworthy exchange for selling your ETN is hard. Use this website to find a good exchange for selling ETN. Scroll down to markets and check out the links to find trustworthy places.

For people with big social networks take a look at the affiliate program available on the Electroneum wallet. 

You get 5% bonus on top of your referees earnings. If they earn 100 ETN with the app you get 5 ETN on top of that. Your referrals also get a 1% bonus on their earnings. When they would normally get 100 ETN they get 101 ETN with a referral link. This does not seem like much but it adds up in the end!

If you want to sign up click here.
Use code CBFB6D to get a bonus reward on the app!

What are your experiences with ETN? Is it a scam or legit?

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