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New Ways To Get Free Banano (BAN).

Banano is a new coin that was forked from Nano. This coin has a banana logo and is referred to as BAN. 

banano coin logo

BAN is an instant and fee-less cryptocurrency.
If you need a wallet download one from Google Play or Itunes here.

The following sites are all Banano coin faucets that you can use to get free Banano coin!

1. Monkeytalk

Pretty normal faucet. Click on Faucet, enter your address and it will send some Banano instantly to your wallet. Can do this every 24 hours.

2. Discord

I recommend signing up on the Discord to get a chance at free rains. When it rains on the chat everyone gets a bit of Banano for free. The Banano will be distributed to the active chatters at that moment. You also need to use Discord for the most profitable faucet.

3. Banano Crane

Banano Crane is a very profitable faucet! Enter your BAN address and you can start earning.
Click on Hcaptcha and complete the captcha. You get 0.5 Banano for each completion, and you can complete it as many times as you want.
Be aware that this faucet pays in rounds. Watch the Discord chat and you will see one text channel that is named after the faucet. This channel will count down for each round so you can start earning as fast as possible.

banano faucet hcaptcha

4. Banano webminer

Want to get some Banano passively?
This webminer pays a massive amount of free Banano in return for your hashes. This webminer is subsidized, which means that they pay extra on top of maximum withdrawal. Meaning that you get more than 100% paid of your normal profits. No other webminer can compare in earnings.
With my old phone I managed to earn 15 Banano every hour, worth around 300 satoshi.
Newer electronic equipment can make up to a few hundred thousand in satoshi every day.

banano coin wallet

5. Banano Miner

Another miner, but with this one you help researchers find cures for illnesses. With your computing power they can process research samples that they could not do without. If you prefer helping the world a little bit and get Banano at the same time this is a great option to earn.

6. BananoBet

Get three Banano for free here. You need 10 Banano to cash out. If you loose simply try the faucet again until you have 10 Banano.

How to sell Banano Coin?
If you want to sell Banano try Mercatox.

Do you have more ways to earn this cryptocurrency? Post in the comments so we can add them!


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