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How To Get A Free Masternode For Getting Masternode Rewards?

Masternodes are a way to get passive interest on your cryptocurrency.

It is pretty simple, you need to install the software from the wallet provider and it should automatically install. But you need to keep the computer on 24/7. This costs a lot of electricity, and you might not have access to a computer the whole time, or you need to share the computer.

This raises a problem, which is how to get a free masternode hosting service?

A quick Google will give you a lot of companies that are willing to host a masternode. But they either cost money, or are trying to get you to hand over your cryptocurrency and disappear on the horizon.

I will help you find a great service for your masternodes. You might have to check a couple because not every service will have every cryptocurrency, but all in all there should be a lot of coins to choose from. These services are legit and I personally tested them. 

1. Stakecube

My personal favorite is Stakecube. Fast withdrawals, fast ticket system and build in exchange.
You can also hold your Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin here and earn interest. 
This site hosts shared masternodes. Shared masternodes are nodes that you share with others. 
If you are unable to gather all the coins you need for 1 masternode you can pool up with others and create one. Stakecube automatically pools you and ensures that everyone gets their fair share of the rewards. The more coins you invest the more you get back. There is a 4% on rewards which is very low in my opinion. You can also buy SCC on the exchange and lower the fees that way.
Make sure to give the faucet a shot and get free cryptocurrency to try the service.


With a selection of 21 coins to choose from and build in lending system this is one you can certainly consider for a masternode. The service here is pretty fast and fees are low.BTCPOP also offers a mining service. Remember that you can loose money with mining if the Bitcoin price lowers while you bought a contract. You can buy SHA256 mining power and SCRYPT mining power.
Try the BTCPOP faucet and get some free coins deposited to your account.

3. SimplePOSPool

Loads of coins to choose from. This is an older staking and masternode pool and they have over 65 coins listed. If you can not find a coin on the precious listed sites, you can certainly find it here. 
They also offer bounty programs and have a Discord so you can get fast support.


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