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We had a post before discussing the best Nano (XRB) faucets. When doing research for that post I found

This site piqued my interest because it had a very unique way of earning free Nano.
Most faucets let you do a captcha, or click a button but this developer took the idea of a faucet to whole other level! Its fun to do, and sometimes you forget you are playing it to get some Nano.

Nano is a very fast currency. In fact, it is instant. This means its perfect for faucets. Sites like these let you earn some free Nano in return for playing a game or clicking a button. This ensures that no bots get the free Nano.

This faucet features a game based on skill. The game is built as an MMORPG. Kill players and bots, and get paid. The whole game plays from the top down and is regularly updated.

How does it work?

First, you need to sign up at the website. You don't need an account or an email address.
Instead, this website lets you log in with your wallet address. If you need a Nano wallet to try any of the wallets listed here:

- Natrium (Android/iPhone) (Web wallet)

After making a wallet you are ready to play. Click on the green button that displays "faucet".
Enter your Nano public wallet address on the next page. You can also see the current high scores on this page.

Click on the OK button and start up the game!
Pick a character. The zombie is free to pick that so take that to start.

You will be met with a screen in which you can see your character.
Me at the start of the game.

You will start with some basic items. A health potion, some weapons, and a bow.
Switching is done by pressing I on your keyboard or clicking on the button saying "7 items" as shown above. Killing players and bots award you with better items. Use these items carefully. Having a couple health potions can make a big difference between a defeat or a win!
playerkillersexchange screenshot
Killed another player and got some loot!

Defeat means you got to start all over.
After killing 3 players or 33 bots you get a free small amount of Nano.
It is not a lot but its a fun game to play and you can actually progress a lot. You get new missions and need to enter all these different kind of places to find other players and get better loot.
If you are done playing you should try to cash out.
Cashing out is done by pressing ESC and clicking on the "cashout" button.
Earnings are sent instantly to your Nano wallet.

This game is certainly worth a try if you are bored or want to get some Nano for free.
If you have some Nano to spare you can also deposit and get more starting items to make the startup easier after you died in the game.

Good luck with playing!

Sign up here for


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