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Mannabase review

Mannabase is a new coin that is trying to do it a bit different.
Mannabase prides itself on being the first universal income blockchain.
AKA it is the first cryptocurrency welfare.

Registration is totally free.

(click here to join)

How can you receive manna coins for free and join the welfare revolution?
Click here and sign up with your details. Make sure they are correct, since they might ask a follow up a few months later.

Mannabase is distributed every week, and they distribute 3.5% of the money supply. This is a way so they cant flood the market with Mannacoins.

How much will you receive?

The amount each user receives is based on the number of verified recipients and the current circulating supply. So 0.067% (3.5%/ 52 weeks) of the circulating supply is evenly distributed amongst all verified recipients each week. ​For instance, if there are 50,000 verified users and a circulating supply of 500 Million Manna, then each user would receive 6.73 Manna that week in base UBI. 

It is a free way to get some extra cash, and if the living standards arent too high in your country, it can be a very welcome solution for some extra cash.

If you dont have an account yet sign up here:

How to redeem mannabase for your favorite coin.

Go to SouthXchange and sign up.
After signing up go to wallets, and go to your Manna wallet on the site. Generate a new deposit address. After generating a deposit address send your manna from the mannabase site to the exchange. Verify the send in your email, and make sure you send it to the right address.
Once you deposited, you wait for the transaction to confirm (can take up to a hour) and you can sell the manna for various other coins. I recommend trading to bitcoin first so you have more trading pairs. You can also send it to another exchange after converting, so you can get other coins from other exchanges.

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