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Best Exchanges With Affiliate System (Instant Approval)

Exchanges are a very profitable business, some exchanges make billions a year.
Interesting to see and you definitely want to take a piece of that pie.
Below is a list with the best exchanges with an affiliate system that instantly approve you after registering your account.

1. CREX24

Pretty new exchange but has very solid features. They handle low minimum withdrawals and deposits. Also very low trading requirements. Users need to register their account and verify their email before they can trade.

What can you earn?

A whopping 50% of all fees!

2. Kucoin

Massive exchange with an outstanding trackrecord of helping their customers.
This exchange offers many coins that are not offered on other exchanges but turn out to be great coins.
Check this video below to learn more about Kucoin and the referral bonus they offer.

What can you earn?

40% of all trading fees!

3. Cryptopia
    Cryptopia got hacked and site is taken offline

Loads of brand new coins available, so easy to promote for various coins and run cheap adcampaigns targeting the users of those coins.

What can you earn?

10% of all trading fees

4. Binance

The biggest exchange on the internet. Has plenty of users and coins to choose from for your referrals.
When promoting a coin and getting the chance to promote Binance I can definitely recommend it!

What can you earn?

20% if you have no BNB, 40% if you hold more than 500 BNB.

5. Bitmex

Supporting longs and shorting Bitcoin and altcoins. If you have a big user-base that likes to speculate on the future price of the coins, this is the site to promote. They also offer a 10% discount on fees for your referrals in the first few months to encourage signing up with a ref.

What can you earn?
Not very easy to explain, the total amount you earn depends on the trading volume of your users. The more they trade the more you get in percentage.

6. Coinbase

Perfect site to show to your visitors if they have no knowledge about cryptocurrency and like to keep it simple.
Big site, that allows users to deposit dollars or euros.

What can you earn?

$10 after your referral deposited $100.

7. Changelly

Perfect exchange for new people. A few clicks and the deposit is exchanged at market rate.
This site has an easy interface and is also shown on coinmarketcap next to a lot of coins.

What can you earn?

50% of all trading fees.

8. Shapeshift

Fast instant exchange also for new people. Supports most main cryptocurrency. Newer users prefer sites like these over the ones with a lot of detailed stats. Has approval process.

What can you earn?

50% of all trading fees.

Have more exchanges that I should add? Leave them in the comments!

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  1. A good collection....but i am still surprised why Bitfinex is not made into this list.

  2. I have Use Coinbase for long doesn't have idea about other website but its a good collect and yes there is indian website called Koinex which also exchange with affiliate please add this on your list :)



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