Best online casino of 2020!, Scam or Legit? is a PTP site rewarding you for visiting sites, and promoting sites.

- Promoting the site

Promote the site, get paid. Simple as that!
Just get your PTP url from the promotion page, and post the link on (manual) traffic exchanges.
Some traffic exchanges send you repeated hits, and king btc even pays for those.
They pay the following
The first visit: 200 satoshi
Second visit: 120 satoshi
Third visit: 60 satoshi
Fourth visit: 30 satoshi
Fifth visit: 15 satoshi

This means you can promote it to the same person 5 times in a row and earn 425 Satoshi per visitor!
Click here to see how the PTP wall looks.

If you need an easy way to  promote the PTP page we at Tokenclaimer recommend
Sign up, gather credits by visiting sites, and you can get hits to your site in return.
It is a 1:1 ratio, which means you get 1 site view for every site you view.

Completing offers on the offerwall.

There are more than ten offerwalls available.
This means that there are always surveys to complete so you can earn BTC.

- Surf the websites on the site

Go to earn > surf ads, and click on the websites that the site allows you to see.

Get higher paying offers by scrolling to the button, up to 200 satoshi or more!

- Referring others

Refer other people and earnings can skyrocket.
You earn 20% of every click made by a referral or PTP hit, or even 50% as upgraded member.

You can withdraw when you hit 0.0002 BTC.

This is an excellent site if you like PTP sites in combination with an offerwall.
Click below to sign up!


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