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How To Make Money With Url Shorteners?

Right now url shorteners are booming, and they fetch a high reward for a little amount of views.
This guide will help you make money with url shortening sites by explaining ways to drive traffic to an url shortener.

How do url shorteners make you money?

Shorteners shorten any link you paste, to a different url.
For example, is a pretty long domain name, so I can use an url shortener to make the url shorter.
The shortened url looks like this:
This url is much shorter, so looks prettier when you are sharing links.
These url shorteners make you money by displaying advertisements on the link.
When users click your link, they get to see an advertisement, that they can skip after a few seconds.
If an user clicks the skip button, you get paid. You also get paid when they click on the ad.
Most url shorteners use non intrusive advertising, but some have more aggressive advertising, but also pay you a lot better.

If you have not signed up for any url shortening service yet, I recommend these sites:

Minimum withdrawal at 5$

Minimum withdrawal at 1$

After you signed up to these sites you need traffic.

You can not use any automated services when you have no budget, since most automated services do not click the skip button or the ad,making you no money at all.

1. Task people to skip the ad. is a site that lets users give eachother tasks.
You sign up, do any tasks on the site, for example youtube liking. Collect the coins and promote your shortened url with those coins. You can set your own rates, so if you are okay with low earning rates over a longer time you can set the rate very low and get a lot of hits for your coins.

2. Make reviews on Youtube

Make reviews on Youtube, and put the (shortened) url in the description. If your review is any good, people are glad to click the link.

3. Share on Social Media

Do you have a Facebook account? Download videos and promote those in Facebook groups or on your own page. Upload the video to a video host like Gorilla vid and share the video with the shortened url.
You can also do this by using a website.

4. Advertise on PTC sites.

Many PTC sites let you submit shortened links. Find any ptc site that you like and submit your shortened url. Curious people will click through so they can see what is behind the url.

5. Make a Faucet.

Faucets are sites in which you give a small amount of cryptocurrency to the site visitors in return for clicking your shortened urls. If you keep the amount given away smaller than what you make with the url shortener this can be very profitable.
If you need a way to make a free faucet click here.

6. Traffic exchanges.

This will get you an extremely low amount of click throughs, but you might get a click here and there. I recommend you focus on the methods above.
If you want to use traffic exchanges I can recommend easyhits4u. This exchange works 1:1 which means for every website you visit one person visits your website in return.

Do you have any questions? Or tricks to share with others? Post in the comments!

Also check out this website that pays you for auto surfing!


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