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New Crypto Trading Game With Real Rewards!

Trading cryptocurrency can be a daunting task to newcomers.

Unfortunately most exchanges do not allow you to use play money, and require you to deposit right away.
This can be an intimidating problem and might keep you from trying.
With this site (click here) you can try trading cryptocurrency without investing.
On top of that, you can earn free rewards simply by being active once or twice a week!

Altcoin Fantasy allows you to trade cryptocurrency risk free.

Go to the site, create an account and verify it in your email.
After verification you get your first free 10K to trade with.
You also get your first 500 ACF Points, which you can trade for coins like Ethereum.

The interface for coins is really easy to use, and you can allocate your play money in percentages, or you can input your own values.

They also have a page with your portofolio, so you can see what you hold in a few quick seconds.

Altcoinfantasy also runs pretty big competitions, which give you free coins for trading a few times a week, and even more when you use the platform actively.
Entering those giveaways are completely free.

When you use it a few times a week the points stack up over time, and you can redeem it for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins.

The owner of the website also showed proof on the beermoneyforum with the payment rewards. 
See below:

Is a legit site or a scam?

The payment proofs are verifiable, and they are pretty active on various forums.
They are a legit site.

If you have not made an account yet, click the image below and sign up.

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