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Best online casino of 2020!

How To Implement A Webminer On Blogger.

You might have a great idea for a website, but you are struggling to monetize it.
When you finish this tutorial it will be possible to get a free website, implement a webminer and host some content to start out.

1. Getting a website

The first thing you need is a website. We will use Blogger.com because it is free, and it easy to embed a webminer on this platform.
Log in with your Google account on blogger.com.
Click on the orange button and enter your details.

Blogger.com is a company from Google, so you dont have to worry that the site will steal your details.
After entering your details you will be prompted to make a blog. If not you need to go into the menu and press on "make blog".
The title is the name of your blog. Insert the name here. I'm making a site that is for the tutorial, so I entered webminertutorial. The address is for the URL. Blogger provides you with a free subdomain.
The domain will look like youraddress.blogspot.com It is always possible to choose to upgrade to a paid domain in the future.

When you picked a theme and entered the information you can click on the orange button again and the blog will be made. This will be the site that we will use for the webminer. When people reach this site and look at the information you will mine cryptocurrency in the background and earn it.

Right now you see all the options. We only need to use a couple things.
New post is for when you want to add another article, or another piece of content (videos, games or other things).
Stats are for how many people visited your website.
Pages are another way to add articles to your site.
The layout is for how the site looks, here you can customize your theme.
The theme is for changing and uploading custom themes. We don't need this for now.
Settings can be used to change various things such as disabling comments.

2. Getting the webminer to work on the website.

We don't need any content for now. At first, all you want is the web miner working, so you can be assured that it works before you put more work into the site.
For that, we need a webminer that we can implement on the website.
You have a couple options here. As long as you can get the HTML code you can use that. For this guide we will use Coinimp. Coinimp has no fee on the webminer which makes it the most profitable miner.
Sign up here for the miner.
After signing up on the website you need to go to your dashboard, click on Monero and click on get the code. See the image below.

Copy the code shown inside the box

Now go back to your website and click on "Layout" in the sidebar on the left.
You will see the gadgets. Gadgets are small pieces of code on your website. Here we can change, add or delete new code. Click on add a gadget. Pick the same one as shown in the image.

This will give you a popup. Click on the text that says "HTML/Javascript.
Enter the code you copied earlier in this box.
Press save and the changes will save.
The miner is live now. If you go to your website it should start mining on your computer automatically.
Wait a few minutes and you will see the stats shown on coinimp.

Now the webminer is installed and you can earn cryptocurrency. All you have to do is find visitors for your website. 


Playerkillers.exchange Review, Scam Or Legit?

We had a post before discussing the best Nano (XRB) faucets. When doing research for that post I found playerkillers.exchange

This site piqued my interest because it had a very unique way of earning free Nano.
Most faucets let you do a captcha, or click a button but this developer took the idea of a faucet to whole other level! Its fun to do, and sometimes you forget you are playing it to get some Nano.

Nano is a very fast currency. In fact, it is instant. This means its perfect for faucets. Sites like these let you earn some free Nano in return for playing a game or clicking a button. This ensures that no bots get the free Nano.

This faucet features a game based on skill. The game is built as an MMORPG. Kill players and bots, and get paid. The whole game plays from the top down and is regularly updated.

How does it work?

First, you need to sign up at the website. You don't need an account or an email address.
Instead, this website lets you log in with your wallet address. If you need a Nano wallet to try any of the wallets listed here:

- Natrium (Android/iPhone)
Nanowallet.io (Web wallet)

After making a wallet you are ready to play. Click on the green button that displays "faucet".
Enter your Nano public wallet address on the next page. You can also see the current high scores on this page.

Click on the OK button and start up the game!
Pick a character. The zombie is free to pick that so take that to start.

You will be met with a screen in which you can see your character.
Me at the start of the game.

You will start with some basic items. A health potion, some weapons, and a bow.
Switching is done by pressing I on your keyboard or clicking on the button saying "7 items" as shown above. Killing players and bots award you with better items. Use these items carefully. Having a couple health potions can make a big difference between a defeat or a win!
playerkillersexchange screenshot
Killed another player and got some loot!

Defeat means you got to start all over.
After killing 3 players or 33 bots you get a free small amount of Nano.
It is not a lot but its a fun game to play and you can actually progress a lot. You get new missions and need to enter all these different kind of places to find other players and get better loot.
If you are done playing you should try to cash out.
Cashing out is done by pressing ESC and clicking on the "cashout" button.
Earnings are sent instantly to your Nano wallet.

This game is certainly worth a try if you are bored or want to get some Nano for free.
If you have some Nano to spare you can also deposit and get more starting items to make the startup easier after you died in the game.

Good luck with playing!

Sign up here for playerkillers.exchange


Answers To The Coinbase Quiz (2019)

Coinbase is currently running a promotion for $50 for free in cryptocurrency.

To earn the money you have to do a quiz and answer a couple of questions.

These are the answers to the Coinbase quiz:
Earn $50 worth of XLM
Watch the videos to earn your first $10 then invite 4 other users to get an extra $40 worth
Answers are:
  1. Stellar is a decentralized coin that unites currencies
  2. Facilitating low cost universal payments
  3. Fast, secure, and global
  4. To issue and exchange tokens quickly
  5. It relies on the cooperation of trusted nodes
Once you get a referral link after submitting, post yours in the comments below. 

Earn $10 worth of BAT
Answers are:
  1. There are too many ads and data trackers
  2. It is free, open source web browser built for privacy
  3. Users get paid BAT for viewing opt-in ads, and publishers get rewarded when users pay attention to their content

Similar to above you can earn $10 worth of EOS
Answers are:
  1. Blockchain protocol for fast scalable transactions
  2. Delegated proof of stake
  3. Fast free transfers
  4. Stake EOS tokens
  5. Upgradable smart contracts

How To Get A Free Masternode For Getting Masternode Rewards?

Masternodes are a way to get passive interest on your cryptocurrency.

It is pretty simple, you need to install the software from the wallet provider and it should automatically install. But you need to keep the computer on 24/7. This costs a lot of electricity, and you might not have access to a computer the whole time, or you need to share the computer.

This raises a problem, which is how to get a free masternode hosting service?

A quick Google will give you a lot of companies that are willing to host a masternode. But they either cost money, or are trying to get you to hand over your cryptocurrency and disappear on the horizon.

I will help you find a great service for your masternodes. You might have to check a couple because not every service will have every cryptocurrency, but all in all there should be a lot of coins to choose from. These services are legit and I personally tested them. 

1. Stakecube

My personal favorite is Stakecube. Fast withdrawals, fast ticket system and build in exchange.
You can also hold your Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin here and earn interest. 
This site hosts shared masternodes. Shared masternodes are nodes that you share with others. 
If you are unable to gather all the coins you need for 1 masternode you can pool up with others and create one. Stakecube automatically pools you and ensures that everyone gets their fair share of the rewards. The more coins you invest the more you get back. There is a 4% on rewards which is very low in my opinion. You can also buy SCC on the exchange and lower the fees that way.
Make sure to give the faucet a shot and get free cryptocurrency to try the service.


With a selection of 21 coins to choose from and build in lending system this is one you can certainly consider for a masternode. The service here is pretty fast and fees are low.BTCPOP also offers a mining service. Remember that you can loose money with mining if the Bitcoin price lowers while you bought a contract. You can buy SHA256 mining power and SCRYPT mining power.
Try the BTCPOP faucet and get some free coins deposited to your account.

3. SimplePOSPool

Loads of coins to choose from. This is an older staking and masternode pool and they have over 65 coins listed. If you can not find a coin on the precious listed sites, you can certainly find it here. 
They also offer bounty programs and have a Discord so you can get fast support.


Get Free NANO (XRB) Huge List Of NANO Faucets

NANO is a feeless currency that you can send and receive with a wallet.

nano coin logo

This is a big list of faucets that support NANO and let you withdraw NANO for free.

All you need to do before you claim is getting a wallet. You can find one on the official site.
Do not abuse these faucets, unlike other faucets that are monetized these are completely free to use and without any advertising. They dont make an income but are willing to give you free NANO which you should appreciate.

Need a wallet first?
- Webwallet
- Mobile wallet

Want to buy NANO or sell NANO?
Try Binance. Do not keep your coins on an exchange, keep them in your personal wallet.

Nano faucet list:

1. Nanofaucet.org

Get some Nano instantly to your wallet. Reward can only be claimed once.

2. Freenanofaucet.com

Another easy faucet that gives you a small one time reward to show you how fast Nano is. (Spoiler, its very fast!)

3. Nano-faucet.org

This faucet lets you claim every 24 hours. Transfers the free coins directly to your wallet.

4. Nanofaucet.co - Offline

More NANO that is transferred directly to your account. Easy to claim.

5. Alilnano.com

This faucet lets you claim multiple times. After claiming the wait timer will go up. Keep the site open in the background and it will deposit nano when the timer runs out. You can easily claim 5 times in a hour.

6. Discord

Join the official Discord channel and get a chance to get rain. When you are an active talker people might tip you NANO or let it rain. When it rains all active chatters get a small piece of NANO for being active in the chat.

7. NanoQuake

Play a free shooter and get Nano if you make some frags.
How does it work? First you need to download the official download from the Github here.
Click on the file called WIN for the windows version and MACOS for the Mac edition.
After downloading unzip the files, and start the application. To start you should look for Nanoquake.exe. This will start a prompt in which you can set a password to lock your account, and download the files necessary to play the game. 
After downloading and installing you can finally play the game. Press start game to start playing.
When you are in-game press on multiplayer > Join network server and enter the IP of the game server you want to join. To find updated game servers click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

You can earn Nano with this game in two ways. The first way is by depositing some Nano and ending up in the first three ranks. If you get first place you get 60% of the jackpot, second place gets 30% and third place gets 10%. The other option to earn is by making frags. Frags are kills that you made in a round. If you kill three players you automatically get 0.01 Nano deposited to your game account.
More information can be found in the F.A.Q.

8, Playerkillers.exchange

playerskills.exchange in-game screenshot

Play a game in your webbrowser and get rewarded in Nano. I personally tried this game and it is pretty addictive! Just open the link, click on faucet mode and enter your Nano address.
This game lets you kill other players and bots, and when you reach either 3 player kills, or 33 bot kills, you get rewarded. To begin I recommend choosing the zombie class because that one is free to play and you get a hang of the game. Playerskillers.exchange is playable on mobile, but for certain tricks I have found that using a PC is much easier because WASD controls play much smoother.
To get a head-start you can buy a class in the game, but after farming some bots you should be able to get a transformation potion. Make sure to check the FAQ in-game to get more information.

9. Reddit tip bot.

If you have a Reddit account you get a free small amount of Nano by registering with the tipbot.
A tipbot is a bot that lets you send funds to other users on Reddit. This is mostly used as a way to appreciate comments or posts made by redditors. Click here and send the message to get the free coins. You can withdraw them to your personal wallet.

10. Quicrypto

Quicrypto is an app that lets you earn free nano. You can earn by downloading apps, watching videos and answering surveys. If you are on the go a lot this is a great app to earn yourself some crypto.
After downloading the app register an account and insert your Nano address. Install apps, play the games and get a steady increase in Nano while playing. The surveys can be a great earner depending on what region you are from. Video ads can be played daily. Every video ad you watch earns you Nano. A referral program is present so you can invite friends. When a referral makes a withdrawal you get 10% on top of their withdrawal. So if they withdraw 1 Nano you get 0.1 Nano credited to your account.

Do you have more sites we should add? Post them in the comments!

Want to earn some more free fee-less coins? Check our guide on getting free Banano (BAN)

New Ways To Get Free Banano (BAN).

Banano is a new coin that was forked from Nano. This coin has a banana logo and is referred to as BAN. 

banano coin logo

BAN is an instant and fee-less cryptocurrency.
If you need a wallet download one from Google Play or Itunes here.

The following sites are all Banano coin faucets that you can use to get free Banano coin!

1. Monkeytalk

Pretty normal faucet. Click on Faucet, enter your address and it will send some Banano instantly to your wallet. Can do this every 24 hours.

2. Discord

I recommend signing up on the Discord to get a chance at free rains. When it rains on the chat everyone gets a bit of Banano for free. The Banano will be distributed to the active chatters at that moment. You also need to use Discord for the most profitable faucet.

3. Banano Crane

Banano Crane is a very profitable faucet! Enter your BAN address and you can start earning.
Click on Hcaptcha and complete the captcha. You get 0.5 Banano for each completion, and you can complete it as many times as you want.
Be aware that this faucet pays in rounds. Watch the Discord chat and you will see one text channel that is named after the faucet. This channel will count down for each round so you can start earning as fast as possible.

banano faucet hcaptcha

4. Banano webminer

Want to get some Banano passively?
This webminer pays a massive amount of free Banano in return for your hashes. This webminer is subsidized, which means that they pay extra on top of maximum withdrawal. Meaning that you get more than 100% paid of your normal profits. No other webminer can compare in earnings.
With my old phone I managed to earn 15 Banano every hour, worth around 300 satoshi.
Newer electronic equipment can make up to a few hundred thousand in satoshi every day.

banano coin wallet

5. Banano Miner

Another miner, but with this one you help researchers find cures for illnesses. With your computing power they can process research samples that they could not do without. If you prefer helping the world a little bit and get Banano at the same time this is a great option to earn.

6. BananoBet

Get three Banano for free here. You need 10 Banano to cash out. If you loose simply try the faucet again until you have 10 Banano.

How to sell Banano Coin?
If you want to sell Banano try Mercatox.

Do you have more ways to earn this cryptocurrency? Post in the comments so we can add them!


ETN Wallet, Passive Way To Get ETN Free On Mobile.

Electroneum wallet is a wallet that lets you earn ETN passively on your phone.

All you need to do is sign up, verify your account and you can earn.

ETN coin logo

This app distributes ETN coins every hour, and you get a small piece of the mined coins.

The coins are not mined on your phone. The wallet is a cloudminer. Cloudminers put no stress on your phone so you are not deteriorating your hardware. While you can not use it on a desktop pc you can install it on either an Android or iPhone.

Signing up allows you to do bonus tasks. 

Bonus tasks range from verifying email to uploading a selfie. Information like that will not be placed publicly. Electroneum devs use this system to prevent bots from taking all the ETN coins.
The bonus tasks pay 20 ETN in total.

Cloudmining is done automatically. 

You simply click on mine and once every 7 days you have to update the miner so you can get more coins. When you reach 100 ETN in total you can withdraw and keep it in the wallet or sell it on an exchange. Finding a trustworthy exchange for selling your ETN is hard. Use this website to find a good exchange for selling ETN. Scroll down to markets and check out the links to find trustworthy places.

For people with big social networks take a look at the affiliate program available on the Electroneum wallet. 

You get 5% bonus on top of your referees earnings. If they earn 100 ETN with the app you get 5 ETN on top of that. Your referrals also get a 1% bonus on their earnings. When they would normally get 100 ETN they get 101 ETN with a referral link. This does not seem like much but it adds up in the end!

If you want to sign up click here.
Use code CBFB6D to get a bonus reward on the app!

What are your experiences with ETN? Is it a scam or legit?

Freebitco.in, The Best Faucet Right Now?

Freebitco.in is one of the best Bitcoin faucets on the internet.

freebitco.in logo

What can you do with a faucet?

A faucet is a website that gives you free cryptocurrency. You collect a certain amount, go to the withdrawal page and withdraw it to your Bitcoin wallet.
Collecting is done by loading a certain page on the website and entering a captcha. After entering a captcha you can click the claim button and the Bitcoin will be deposited in your account.

This is why Freebitco.in is a legit site.

You might ask, is getting free Bitcoin too good to be true? Normally yes. Most sites that promise you free bitcoin are a scam and do not want to give you anything. Scams usually have bad intentions and want you to deposit Bitcoin, or watch a lot of advertisements for nothing.
With freebitco.in it works a bit different. Claiming the faucet is simply done to expose people to cryptocurrency, and to give it a test without investing your own cash.
Freebitco.in can afford to give you free Bitcoin because they facilitate mining equipment and a dice page. Ill talk about both of those later.

How to claim your own Bitcoin.

While it seems very difficult, its actually pretty easy to claim the Bitcoin. Simply sign up here, verify your account (check your spam folder) and you are ready to claim the faucet.
After logging in you will see a lot of options and many can be overwhelming. Stick to this short review and you will know exactly on how the site works in a few minutes.

At first you should head to the Free BTC page. Scroll down and you see a random number generator.
That number generator is the key to getting the BTC.
Click on the claim button and you will see numbers spin. The higher the numbers, the more you earn.
You can roll from 1 up to 10.000. The reward varies on the number you get.
Claiming can be done every hour, a timer will start after your last claim so you are always on time to claim again.

The second option page is multiplying.

Unless you feel lucky, I would stay away from it. This is a page to test your luck with your free earnings. Most people lose.

Third page is Earn BTC.

This is a very interesting option if you are interested in getting some passive income. You keep your Bitcoin on the website, and the website will use it for the multiply page and for their miner equipment. By funding these goals you get passive interest. This passive interest is 4.08% annually.
Holding Bitcoin on a random website may seem like a risk, but this site has been running for over 6 years. They also provide proof on the website that shows how your Bitcoin is invested. Everything is traceable up to the last penny.
See below to get an example of what you can earn.

If you want, you can use your reward points to win in the lottery.
This free lottery lets you place your reward points, which you gained in the faucet, on tickets.

For frequent earnings freebitco.in supplies  special rewards such as free hardware wallets, Gift certificates and electronics.

Refer your friend and earn more.

While the free faucet is pretty nice, you might be eager to earn more. Freebitco.in has a referral program.
If you click on refer you get a special link. If you send that link to friends and family, you get a bonus when they claim. Lets say you posted your link on Facebook. A friend uses that link and signs up. He claims ten times, and gets 100 satoshi every claim. That would be 1000 satoshi in total. Than you would get 500 satoshi on top of that! This will not cost your friend anything, and he wont claim less because you get a bonus. If you have a large social network this can be a perfect opportunity to monetize it a little bit.

When can you withdraw?

You can not withdraw instantly after claiming. Since Bitcoin has fees, you need to save up a bit before you get more than the fees that it costs to send Bitcoin. Luckily freebitco.in sends payments in big numbers, which means you only have to pay a very small fee.
Minimum withdrawal is 0.0003 Bitcoin, or around 2 Dollar.

What are your experiences with Freebitco.in? Is it a scam or do you think it is a legit website?
If you have any questions ask away in the comments!

Make sure to check our article on the best faucets for Bitcoin

Microlancer.io Review, Is It Legit?

Microlancer.io is a microwork website.

logomicrolancer.io logo

On a micro work website you can complete tasks and earn money for that.
Most micro work websites pay you with Paypal or direct bank transfers but cryptolancer.io pays you in cryptocurrency.
You get paid in Bitcoin.

Tasks on microlancer.io

There are various tasks available that you can complete to earn Bitcoin.
Most tasks are rather simple and require you to only spend a few seconds of your time to earn. One favorable aspect of the site is that there are plenty of tasks on the website right from the start. This means that there is plenty of earning opportunities.
Tasks for example are; signing up for websites, commenting on Youtube videos, giving feedback on websites and plenty more.
example of microlancer.io tasks
example of microlancer.io tasks


You can also upload a task on microlancer.io and find users to complete your tasks fast.
If you need sign ups for a website, comments for a video and dont want to pay an expensive agency you can do it yourself within the dashboard. Deposit BTC and you can start a task.
microlancer.io how to submit a task
submit a task dashboard
You can withdraw in Bitcoin to your personal wallet.
I personally recommend Coinomi.

Refer a friend program

You can get paid for referring friends or contacts. This can be profitable if you own a website or have access to a decent amount of traffic. 35% of the fees collected from affiliates you referred will be deposited in your account.
This counts for both deposits and people who complete tasks. If you refer both you get 70% of the fees collected.

Click here to sign up with Microlancer.


Bycryp.com Review, Scam Or Legit?

Bycryp.com is a faucet site with a build in marketplace.

bycryp.com logo

With a faucet you can earn money by entering captchas. When looking for faucets most have short urls, or pay a very small reward. 

Earning potential

Bycryp.com lets you earn every hour, and without any annoying short urls.
Every hour you can enter a captcha and you will receive free BC, BTC, Doge and ETH, 
There is a small chance you can earn triple every claim, which is a very nice gift if you claim a lot.

bycryp.com faucet screenshot

Bycryp also has an offerwall. On this offerwall you can complete surveys and click on PTC ads to receive more BC coins. In my opinion this is only profitable if you live in a western country since those get a lot more offers to complete.

bycryp.com offerwalls

You can exchange BC for other cryptocurrencies on the website since those coins are more accepted in exchanges.

If you have spare products or when you want to offer services take a look at the marketplace.
Here you can post free ads and get cryptocurrency in return for your products.

Using the marketplace has no fees, whoever you need to pay a $2 withdrawal fee to withdraw Bitcoin.
For Dogecoin there is a 12 Doge fee. 

Click here to sign up with bycryp.com
What are your opinions on Bycryp? Is it a scam or legit?

Make sure to read this article which tells you how to earn Bitcoin with bots for totally free.

Coinomi Review, Best Mobile Bitcoin Wallet?

Coinomi is a cryptocurrency wallet that came on the market in 2016.

This wallet quickly grew popular thanks to the design, and ease of using.
All you needed was a computer or phone. Later that year they developed an iphone app and distributed that wallet on the store and on their website.

coinomi logo

The official website of Coinomi is located on Coinomi.com
Links to the download of Coinomi and mirrors are located on the official website.

What can you do with this cryptocurrency wallet?

Coinomi is a wallet for your coins. Normally when a person wants to store their coins they have to download the official wallet for said coin, wait for the blockchain to sync and look at an unpleasant interface.
This cryptocurrency wallet gets rid of those problems by bypassing the problems of handling a lot of wallets and filling your harddrive with blockchains.
All you have to do is click on "Add coin" and you can add almost any coin that is mainstream.

Are my coins safe with Coinomi?

Your coins are held on your phone. They are fully your responsibility.
Private keys are available, and there is a requirement to set a password. This will keep your coins safe in case your phone gets stolen. The thief can not use the wallet in that case.
Coinomi can not access your funds at any time and you should never give your private keys to someone you think you trust!
So yes, your coins are safe with the wallet.

How to use the mobile wallet?

After installation add a new coin.
To receive cryptocurrency click on the coin name, and press the tab about receiving.

Receive cryptocurrency coinomi

People can scan your QR code or send crypto to the listed address.

To send coins go to the "send" tab.

Send cryptocurrency coinomi

From here you can scan QR codes or input public wallet addresses to move cryptocurrency.
For example, if an exchange asks you to deposit funds to a certain wallet, you would input that wallet address here. The send function also shows you how much you are sending in USD.
Reaching your balance can be done by clicking on the "balance" tab.
This page will show all transactions done to and from that address.

check balance coinomi

There is not much more to the use of this wallet. It works really easy in my opinion and is secure.
Desktop version might look different but should work the same as the mobile wallet.

What other features does Coinomi have?

You can accept payments by QR code, and send to QR codes which makes it easy to pay for something online.
There is a possibility to add Smart contract tokens. Ethereum is supported at the moment.

I use Coinomi all the time and can verify it is a legit wallet. What do you think? Is it a scam or legit wallet for cryptocurrency?

Make sure to check this webbrowser that pays you for working passively.


Best Telegram Bots To Earn Free Bitcoin

This is the ultimate list to making Bitcoin on Telegram.

Telegram is a popular chat app on Android and IOS. With this chat app you can message friends, open secret chats and use a lot of stickers. It is a free app to use which you can easily download.
All you need is a phone and a phone number to connect to the app. The phone number allows the app to find contacts that are already on Telegram so you can message them easier.

Apart from the usual chatting features you can also talk with bots on Telegram.
These bots are automated scripts that have set responses when you send a command to them.
Some of these bots have build in faucets that can help you earn money.
Below is a list with the best paying Telegram bots that paid me. So I know they are legit.
Make sure you have a wallet for the following bots. I recommend you get Coinomi from the app store. That wallet supports every coin on this list.

1. Doge clickbot Telegram

The most popular faucet bot on Telegram. With this bot you can earn free Dogecoin.
Simply send the start command and follow instructions. Minimum withdrawal is very low at 3 Dogecoin. Each task gives around 1 Dogecoin and should not take more than 5 seconds to complete. (Not a joke, they really pay this high!)

2. Litecoin clickbot Telegram

The same bot as the Dogeclickbot, but than for Litecoin. With this bot you can earn free Litecoin.
Less popular than the Dogecoin bot which means tasks can run out once in a while.
Check back daily to see new tasks pop up.

3. Bitcoincash clickbot Telegram

This bot exclusively uses Bitcoin cash.

4. ZEC clickbot Telegram

This coin pays in ZEC. You can trade it on various exchanges for your preferred coin.

5. BTC clickbot Telegram

This coin pays you in Bitcoin. Pretty high minimum withdrawal but lots of tasks.

6. Free Bitcoin Bot Telegram

This bot works a bit differently but pays very good. You get 100 Bitcoin satoshi for joining a channel. Usually around 3 to 7 tasks available on the bot.

7. Rich Crypto Bot Telegram

The only bot on this list that pays in Ethereum. Not many tasks available but they are high paying and can pay up to 1 MiliEth.

8. Extra Money Bot Telegram

This bot pays you in Bitcoin. You get 100 Satoshi for every channel you join.

9. Free Crypto Bot Telegram

From the same makers as the Extra Money bot on Telegram. Also pays around 100 Satoshi.

10. TeleAds Promotion Bot Telegram

This bot pays in Ripple, Doge and Litecoin.

These are the top paying bots on Telegram that you can use to make some money on the road.
Do you have more that you like to share? Post them in the comments and we will add them to the list.

Want to earn more Bitcoin? Reinvest your earnings to promote Cryptotab. With 10 level referrals you are bound to make a good amount of Bitcoin!

Updated on 5/29/19

Coinzilla.com, Advertising network for Bitcoin

One of the biggest Bitcoin advertising networks right now on the market is Coinzilla.com

If you have a website or faucet you can use this website to display advertising such as pop-unders and banners to earn money.

coinzilla.com logo

It is tough to stand out from the crows these days with a lot of new crypto and projects showing up each day. With a good advertising network you can make sure you have interested visitors that would be likely to convert. The conversion, of course, all depends on  your website. Some sites tend to do better than others.

Overall Coinzilla.com provides quality and unique traffic that normally would not see your website.

How to advertise?

Sign up for an account, deposit BTC and start a campaign.
You have the following options.
- Pop unders
When people visit a site and click something, your site will load in the back ground.
Most people are not interested in pop ups because they are interrupting, but pop unders are usually converting much better because they do not disrupt the visitor while browsing. Instead they see it when they are done with browsing, potentially looking for something more interesting. And they will see your ad then.

- Banner ads
Displayed across hundreds of websites coinzilla provides banner advertising.
If you are looking for brand recognition or getting interested clicks this is a great option.
I personally advertise here with a .GIF banner with great conversion rates.

How to earn?

Register an account and follow the verification process. They will inspect your website and see if it follows the rules.
General rules are that the site is supposed to be Safe For Work. This means that you are not allowed to send in Adult sites. Also not allowed are traffic exchanges, or low effort blogs.
After verification grab the HTML code and paste it between the <body>  and </body> tag to display an ad from coinzilla.

You can also earn from the affiliate program. Whenever someone clicks on the coinzilla link from an advertisement and signs up you get 10% bonus on top of their earnings.
If your referral makes a deposit worth $100 or earns $100 you earn $10 for doing nothing at all!

How to withdraw from Coinzilla?

Minimum withdrawal is only 0.001 BTC, around $5. This is a very low and easy amount to reach if you have some traffic on your website already. Withdrawals are approved manually.

If you want to make an account on the advertising network click below
What are your opinions on Coinzilla? Show us your payment proofs in the comments.
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Bitpanda.com Review, Is It A Scam?

Bitpanda.com is a site on which you can buy and sell cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

Why would you use Bitpanda?

Lets say you are looking to buy some Bitcoin. Coinbase has a waiting list, and other websites are slow to transfer or offer bad exchange rates. Bitpanda is the alternative.
This is a great exchange to use if you live in Europe since the website is focused on helping European members exchange cryptocurrency.

What payment methods are accepted?

As of now most payment processors are accepted so far I have seen on the website.
The most important ones are: Bank transfer, Neteller, Mastercard, Ideal, Creditcard and much more.

How do I buy Bitcoin on Bitpanda?

First register and verify your account. After verification you can head to the buy and sell tab and place an order. Ordering goes very easy. All you have to do is input the amount of coins you want and the site will automatically calculate how much you should pay. Top of you balance with money and you can finalize the trade. You can also deposit beforehand to make sure your trade goes through the moment you place the order.

They also have an app available on Android for trading purposes.

What do you think of Bitpanda? Did you use it to trade before?
We used Bitpanda successfully and think the site is legit. Tell your opinion in the comments.


Earn Bitcoin With Faucethub.io, Review.

Faucethub is a microwallet service with hundreds of faucets for a lot of coins including Bitcoin.

faucethub.io logo

On this website you can earn Bitcoin and altcoins by entering captchas or entering surveys.
This site was an answer to the plenty of faucets that have a high withdrawal minimum to combat fees.
With Faucethub everything is integrated into one main wallet that is always accessible. 

all coins that are on the site
all coins that are on the site

How can you earn with Faucethub.io?

There are plenty of ways to earn but we will outline the most important features of the microwallet service.

- Earning with faucets

Faucets are websites that offer you free cryptocurrency when you watch an ad or two and enter a captcha. The captcha is added to protect against bots from claiming, thus reducing rewards for people like you and me.
There are hundreds of faucets available for you to claim. There is a dedicated page on Faucethub that shows all the faucets that are integrated with the service. On that page you can also see how much everyone withdraws from the faucet, and how much balance the faucet has left.
Example of faucets that are on faucethub.

- Mining

Faucethub has an integrated miner that can mine satoshi for you. However there are third party sites such as Cointiply connected to Faucethub that can earn you more satoshi for mining.
It is still a nice option because it is entered directly into your wallet.

- Offers

There are many offers available such as PTC ads (getting paid to click on advertising) and surveys. 
Surveys pay you to enter information about what you think. Make sure to enter those truthfully so you are not disqualified. There are also tasks which will ask you to do things such as google a certain service and reviewing it. When you are from a western country you will see many offers that have a relative high pay.

- Games

If you feel lucky you can try three games that might help you win some Bitcoin.
1. Rambo Dice
Basically the same as normal dice, but now its called Rambo
2. Rock Paper Scissors. Same as the basic game. You play against other players.
3. Lottery. Get a chance at winning multiple coins.

-faucethub free lottery

- Referrals

Another profitable way to earn money on Faucethub is by referring friends, or people on your website to Faucethub.
You receive 2% of their offerwall earnings, and 2% of their mining earnings.
This bonus is not taken from the referral, it is a bonus. You can refer as many people as you want to the website.

Click below to sign up with faucethub
What do you think about Faucethub.io? Is it a scam or legit? Post your comment below

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