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Earn free bitcoin for visiting websites.

Updated on 04/07/19 to reflect payment status. Scroll down to the bottom for more information!
bits pays logo is a PTC site that pays you for visiting websites.

You get paid in Bitcoin which you can withdraw to your wallet. You can only withdraw in Bitcoin.
There are several ways to earn Bitcoin on

bits pays earning picture

1. Visiting websites.

There are three different kind of ads you can watch on the website.
The first is noframe ads.Click on "view ad" wait 30 seconds and your account will be credited.
Others are inline ads and flash ads which also pay you to visit a website and waiting a while.

2. Miner

You get a free miner on level 1 from the website upon signing up. This miner can mine credits, which are only used to level up. By mining, feeding your miner and collecting you can level your miner up. 
When your miner reaches level 10 you start to earn free satoshis every hour for simply keeping the miner on. This miner does not actually mine on your pc. It is a free game made by the website for you to earn some extra Bitcoin when you are done with the ads.

3. Offers

If you have spare time you can always try to do surveys or offers. These surveys will ask for your opinion on certain products and you get paid in satoshis for that. Surveys can be pretty easy depending on your demographic.
There are also some PTC walls available on the offer tab.

When you reach 20.000 satoshi you can withdraw your BTC from the website.
Withdrawals are done manually but they are usually send within a day or less. is NOT legit! They are not paying as of now and wont respond to emails from members. Dont sign up, they wont pay.

If you are looking for passive income from visiting websites click here.


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