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What can you do with a faucet?

A faucet is a website that gives you free cryptocurrency. You collect a certain amount, go to the withdrawal page and withdraw it to your Bitcoin wallet.
Collecting is done by loading a certain page on the website and entering a captcha. After entering a captcha you can click the claim button and the Bitcoin will be deposited in your account.

This is why is a legit site.

You might ask, is getting free Bitcoin too good to be true? Normally yes. Most sites that promise you free bitcoin are a scam and do not want to give you anything. Scams usually have bad intentions and want you to deposit Bitcoin, or watch a lot of advertisements for nothing.
With it works a bit different. Claiming the faucet is simply done to expose people to cryptocurrency, and to give it a test without investing your own cash. can afford to give you free Bitcoin because they facilitate mining equipment and a dice page. Ill talk about both of those later.

How to claim your own Bitcoin.

While it seems very difficult, its actually pretty easy to claim the Bitcoin. Simply sign up here, verify your account (check your spam folder) and you are ready to claim the faucet.
After logging in you will see a lot of options and many can be overwhelming. Stick to this short review and you will know exactly on how the site works in a few minutes.

At first you should head to the Free BTC page. Scroll down and you see a random number generator.
That number generator is the key to getting the BTC.
Click on the claim button and you will see numbers spin. The higher the numbers, the more you earn.
You can roll from 1 up to 10.000. The reward varies on the number you get.
Claiming can be done every hour, a timer will start after your last claim so you are always on time to claim again.

The second option page is multiplying.

Unless you feel lucky, I would stay away from it. This is a page to test your luck with your free earnings. Most people lose.

Third page is Earn BTC.

This is a very interesting option if you are interested in getting some passive income. You keep your Bitcoin on the website, and the website will use it for the multiply page and for their miner equipment. By funding these goals you get passive interest. This passive interest is 4.08% annually.
Holding Bitcoin on a random website may seem like a risk, but this site has been running for over 6 years. They also provide proof on the website that shows how your Bitcoin is invested. Everything is traceable up to the last penny.
See below to get an example of what you can earn.

If you want, you can use your reward points to win in the lottery.
This free lottery lets you place your reward points, which you gained in the faucet, on tickets.

For frequent earnings supplies  special rewards such as free hardware wallets, Gift certificates and electronics.

Refer your friend and earn more.

While the free faucet is pretty nice, you might be eager to earn more. has a referral program.
If you click on refer you get a special link. If you send that link to friends and family, you get a bonus when they claim. Lets say you posted your link on Facebook. A friend uses that link and signs up. He claims ten times, and gets 100 satoshi every claim. That would be 1000 satoshi in total. Than you would get 500 satoshi on top of that! This will not cost your friend anything, and he wont claim less because you get a bonus. If you have a large social network this can be a perfect opportunity to monetize it a little bit.

When can you withdraw?

You can not withdraw instantly after claiming. Since Bitcoin has fees, you need to save up a bit before you get more than the fees that it costs to send Bitcoin. Luckily sends payments in big numbers, which means you only have to pay a very small fee.
Minimum withdrawal is 0.0003 Bitcoin, or around 2 Dollar.

What are your experiences with Is it a scam or do you think it is a legit website?
If you have any questions ask away in the comments!

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