Best online casino of 2020! Review, Is It Legit? is a microwork website. logo

On a micro work website you can complete tasks and earn money for that.
Most micro work websites pay you with Paypal or direct bank transfers but pays you in cryptocurrency.
You get paid in Bitcoin.

Tasks on

There are various tasks available that you can complete to earn Bitcoin.
Most tasks are rather simple and require you to only spend a few seconds of your time to earn. One favorable aspect of the site is that there are plenty of tasks on the website right from the start. This means that there is plenty of earning opportunities.
Tasks for example are; signing up for websites, commenting on Youtube videos, giving feedback on websites and plenty more.
example of tasks
example of tasks


You can also upload a task on and find users to complete your tasks fast.
If you need sign ups for a website, comments for a video and dont want to pay an expensive agency you can do it yourself within the dashboard. Deposit BTC and you can start a task. how to submit a task
submit a task dashboard
You can withdraw in Bitcoin to your personal wallet.
I personally recommend Coinomi.

Refer a friend program

You can get paid for referring friends or contacts. This can be profitable if you own a website or have access to a decent amount of traffic. 35% of the fees collected from affiliates you referred will be deposited in your account.
This counts for both deposits and people who complete tasks. If you refer both you get 70% of the fees collected.

Click here to sign up with Microlancer.


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