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The First Browser That Pays You To Browse Websites.

Most of us use the web on a daily basis. Especially if you claim faucets you are using a browser a lot of time.
This new browser made by cryptotab pays you in Bitcoin to browse websites.

How do I make money with it?

First you need to install the browser. Click here for the download.
After downloading install it on your desktop computer or phone. Both are supported and can be used to get free Bitcoin with the browser.
Enter your registration information so the site can sync all the rewards across the devices you are using.
After that you do not have to do anything more. The browser will automatically start mining in the background.

Doesn't mining hurt my computer hardware?

No it does not. The browser automatically detects your hardware and ensures you are not hurting your computer hardware.
Cryptotab makes efficient use of your computer, mining up to 8x faster than other webminers!

Bitcoin, can I get money for that?

Yes, there are many places to trade Bitcoin for USD, or other currencies.

Sounds good, when do I get paid?

Minimum withdrawal is 0.0001 BTC. that is around a dollar.You can reach this within a day!

Cryptotab browser payment proof

Bonus system.

There is also a bonus system in place for webmasters or people with a social network.
You can get paid for referring friends and family to the website and let them mine. When they make 1000 satoshi you get a bonus on top of those earnings. If you invite 5 friends and each of those invite 5 friends you can make a lot of money!
Take a look below to see what you can possibly earn.
cryptotab browser calculator

Interested in finding out more? Visit the website with the button below.

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