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How To Implement A Webminer On Blogger.

You might have a great idea for a website, but you are struggling to monetize it.
When you finish this tutorial it will be possible to get a free website, implement a webminer and host some content to start out.

1. Getting a website

The first thing you need is a website. We will use because it is free, and it easy to embed a webminer on this platform.
Log in with your Google account on
Click on the orange button and enter your details. is a company from Google, so you dont have to worry that the site will steal your details.
After entering your details you will be prompted to make a blog. If not you need to go into the menu and press on "make blog".
The title is the name of your blog. Insert the name here. I'm making a site that is for the tutorial, so I entered webminertutorial. The address is for the URL. Blogger provides you with a free subdomain.
The domain will look like It is always possible to choose to upgrade to a paid domain in the future.

When you picked a theme and entered the information you can click on the orange button again and the blog will be made. This will be the site that we will use for the webminer. When people reach this site and look at the information you will mine cryptocurrency in the background and earn it.

Right now you see all the options. We only need to use a couple things.
New post is for when you want to add another article, or another piece of content (videos, games or other things).
Stats are for how many people visited your website.
Pages are another way to add articles to your site.
The layout is for how the site looks, here you can customize your theme.
The theme is for changing and uploading custom themes. We don't need this for now.
Settings can be used to change various things such as disabling comments.

2. Getting the webminer to work on the website.

We don't need any content for now. At first, all you want is the web miner working, so you can be assured that it works before you put more work into the site.
For that, we need a webminer that we can implement on the website.
You have a couple options here. As long as you can get the HTML code you can use that. For this guide we will use Coinimp. Coinimp has no fee on the webminer which makes it the most profitable miner.
Sign up here for the miner.
After signing up on the website you need to go to your dashboard, click on Monero and click on get the code. See the image below.

Copy the code shown inside the box

Now go back to your website and click on "Layout" in the sidebar on the left.
You will see the gadgets. Gadgets are small pieces of code on your website. Here we can change, add or delete new code. Click on add a gadget. Pick the same one as shown in the image.

This will give you a popup. Click on the text that says "HTML/Javascript.
Enter the code you copied earlier in this box.
Press save and the changes will save.
The miner is live now. If you go to your website it should start mining on your computer automatically.
Wait a few minutes and you will see the stats shown on coinimp.

Now the webminer is installed and you can earn cryptocurrency. All you have to do is find visitors for your website. 


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