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Coinpot Faucets, and how to use them!

Coinpot is a website on which you can get free cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin and many more. logo

Coinpot lets you visit websites and those websites pay you.

Sign up on coinpot and you are can start earning. After verifying your email and logging in you can visit certain websites that pay you in Bitcoin.
If you need a free Bitcoin wallet check out Coinomi.

How does it work exactly?

The sites that Coinpot works with are called Faucets. These Faucets host a small task on their website, after finishing it it will send free bitcoin or other coins to your account on
Lets take a quick look at the image below to find out how to earn on these faucets. screenshot of faucet
click on the image to enlarge

1. Click on the claim button
2. Input the words shown
3. Click on submit
4. Success! Your coins are added to your Coinpot account.

If you go back to Coinpot you will see that the statistics will be updated after claiming.
There are seven faucets in total on Coinpot. All these can be claimed every 15 minutes. If you wait longer the amount will rise. I recommend setting a timer to claim every hour to maximize earnings.

These are all the faucets on Coinpot: Click on the text to get send to the website. Do not forget to bookmark this page for an easy way to click all faucets in one go.

Bitfun (works a bit differently, much higher rewards if you claim every 15 minutes)
BonusBitcoin (works the same as Bitfun)

Make sure to claim every faucet. You might not want a certain kind of coin but you can easily exchange them for free on Coinpot to a coin you prefer. For example, you can exchange your Bitcoin to Dogecoin or back.

Another popular way to earn Bitcoin is with mining.

Coinpot offers a free mining feature to people who are interested in getting passive Bitcoin, Dogecoin or other coins offered on Coinpot.
Personally I am not a big fan of mining on Coinpot. There are much better options for mining Bitcoin out there.

What is mining?

Mining cryptocurrency is how transactions are send and new coins are discovered. There are many Youtube videos out there that can help you understand how it works exactly.

This video only takes two minutes of your time but will massively help you understand mining.

Mining is done by going into your dashboard and clicking the drop down menu. From there click on the mining button.
After that you will be taken to a new webpage that will show you a miner. Make sure to disable any adblocker since those tend to block miners. mining dashboard

Click on the start button and the miner will start.
From here on some important questions may rise to your attention. Ill list the most common questions and answers about Coinpot mining.

Is mining safe for my computer?
Most of the times, yes. Your hardware will not degrade when mining. As long as you have proper ventilation and turn the miner off for a few hours a day your computer should not break down.

Is mining safe for my mobile/iPhone?
I do not recommend mining on a phone. Mining takes a lot of electricity, your battery will have a lot of wear and tear and will shorten your battery life span.
If you have a computer mine on that instead.

Can I earn more when I open more than one tab page with the miner?
No, when you set the settings to high on the miner it will use all resources on the computer. Opening multiple tabs will not let it mine more, instead it will start to split resources between tabs. All in all very ineffective.

How do I know if the miner is working?
When hashrate increases, your H/s increases. The number will rise how higher you set the settings of the miner. The hashrate will be much higher on faster computers because faster computers can mine better, thus earn more.

Can I open the link on any pc without logging in?
Yes. All that is necessary is opening it on a webbrowser and pressing start. From that point the miner takes over and you only have to make sure the computer does not go in standby.

Is there an app available?
No, there is no mining app. All apps as of now are made by third party developers.

More ways to earn on Coinpot.

Coinpot recently released a new rewards program.
This program rewards you for activity. For every achievement you get a certain amount of stars. These stars automatically give you tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for Bitcoin or lottery tickets on the dashboard.

Another way to earn is with multiply.

But I do not recommend playing because it is basically gambling. Some people say that there are tricks to playing the multiplier game, but these do not exist.

These are all the ways you can earn free cryptocurrency on Coinpot.
Do you have any other great websites we should know? Site updated and things changed?
Comment below.

Also make sure to check our guide on airdrops.

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